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star-graphicsA sweet, happy, creative New Year for everyone


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Tunnel vision

star-BBCIs alBeeb Islamophobic?

Yes, you read correctly. Is the BBC Islamophobic?

Could you imagine the outcry if the UK’s Michael Farage or Australia’s Tony Abbot had declared the world’s problems are Islam, Ebola and Ukraine. The BBC would be all over it like a rash – accusing them of Islamophobia and racism.

But check out the BBC News Snapshot: The mounting problems facing the world by Sarah Fowler and Helier Cheung from the 5th of September before it slips down the Internet plughole, never to be seen again accept by Five Minutes for Israel readers who have saved the URL. Continue reading

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Melanie Phillips in Jerusalem

Honest Reporting have generously uploaded the entire video of Melanie Phillips‘s speech Western Jewry – Paying the Price for Gaza in Jerusalem on the 27th. Israel advocates who were unfortunate and didn’t hear her in person get a second chance. It’s an hour well spent. So what is there to write about? Continue reading

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star-boy-journoPhoto-and-TweetFirst I wanted to be a cowboy – now I want to be a journalist

A tweeted photograph by a Swedish journalist has received 40K retweets and remarkably little analysis.

Is placing your helmet on a child for a photo any less improper that placing a toy or a Koran in rubble to ‘improve’ a shot? Don’t both deserve the label Fauxtography?

Continue reading

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BBC petition page – Now on Facebook

star facebookipetitions Click to access BBC petitionPetition update

The Change BBC boilerplate on Gaza casualties to reflect disputed figures petition now has a Facebook page Petition the BBC.

Action Items

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… and the majority were not civilian

iPetitions_logostar-petitionForce the BBC to fulfill their obligation for impartiality


The petition is available on ipetitions.com. If clicking on the link or the ipetitions logo above does not suit your purpose paste http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/change-bbc-boilerplate-on-gaza-casualties-to into your browser.

Aim of Petition

Petition BBC to modify its Hamas preferred boilerplate on Gaza casualties and the civilian-combatant ratio to reflect that those figures come from an openly biased source and are highly disputed by Israel. Continue reading

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From the BBC template

star-BBCBBC Left and IslamicEven by BBC standards this is a messy cut-and-past job:

If you follow the simple, clear and correct Israel closes Gaza’s Erez crossing link from the BBC Mid East and News homepages you will reach Gaza conflict: Erez crossing ‘attacked’ amid Israel raids. You may be sorry if you do. Continue reading

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Something good might come …

Legal issues… from this?

Imagine a game of football† where instead of a rule book of specific do’s and don’ts many of the rules were relative to the judgement of the competitors and subject to the judgement of 3rd parties with greater, lesser and even no connection to the game. That is today’s state of International Law on the conduct of war.

My original question, Could something good come out of  the current war in Gaza? could be answered narrowly or on a wider scale. Israel has staved off a potentially devastating attack on a Mumbai scale. That has to be good. It was blunted a massive rocket attack. Iron Dome and the other defensive measures work. That has to be good, not just for Israel but for America and the West. Hundreds of terrorists and jihadis are dead and no matter how loudly Hamas proclaims victory that must put a dent in Hamas’s plans for a caliphate – good. Continue reading

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In the classroom shark pool

star-teacherA teacher who ‘drowned’ offers a new paradigm

In the classroom shark pool By DAVID GUY
Originally published in the Jerusalem Post 07/08/2009 20:46

Israel’s children are in their summer holidays and the teacher’s unions are threatening their traditional strike to delay the opening of the school year. I thought reprinting this op-ed I wrote almost exactly five years ago would be appropriate. We all know teachers recycle lessons.

We’ve all seen teacher dramas. From The Blackboard Jungle to Stand and Deliver, Dangerous Minds and even School of Rock, the inexperienced teacher wins over the impossibly difficult, rowdy class by dint of character, personality and instinctive teaching greatness.

So let me come clean. Without a competent Hollywood scriptwriter, most teachers fail to cope with the Israeli classroom, and their pupils fail with them. I put myself in that category. The following proposal does not claim to be a solution for all the problems in the Israeli education system – just one. It addresses the unacceptable turnover of new teachers by exchanging the present ‘Sink or Swim’ paradigm for one of apprenticeship. Continue reading

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Eating leather

Rocky statueLooking at the bigger picturestar-boxer

The five-in-a-star for this post probably needs some explanation. I’ve been looking for some graphic analogy to explain Hamas mentality, when I thought of boxing.

How many of you out there are boxing fans? If you are, you’ve seen this scene so many times. One fighter is bruised and bloodied; losing every round yet he is still on his feet and occasionally even lands a punch. As the bell sounds, each round, he raises his arms in victory. He might influence the judges – he might sway the spectators – who knows he might even convince himself. Continue reading

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