Gas vs. Smoke

Contest HAMAS claims about teargas

Tyre fires produce much smoke, which carries toxic chemicals from the breakdown of synthetic rubber compounds while burning. That includes cyanide, carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide, and products of butadiene and styrene.

The average passenger car tire is estimated to produce over 2 gallons of oil when burned. (Source: Rubber Manufacturers Association, April 2003)

Oil that exudes into ground and surface water as a result of tire fires is a significant environment pollutant. For every million tires consumed by fire, about 55,000 gallons of runoff oil can pollute the environment unless contained and collected. This oily material is also highly flammable.

In other words, Gaza may have created an environmental hazard for its residents for years to come.

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Independence Day 2018

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There seems to be a virus from this site that affects ANDROID and iPhone mobile phones.

PC computers and, as far as we know, Apple equipment doesn’t seem to have a problem.

We are dealing with this as a matter of urgency.

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I.A.W. week graphics – only better

Please use these to replace the official Israel Apartheid Week (Palestinian Hypocrisy Week) graphics

We have yet again improved on the I.A.W. official graphics. Please use these, such as, when illustrating an article that you write, rather than the original. Distributing the original only serves to push the image higher in Search Engines.

Verticall PHW graphic

Click to reach full size

Horizonatal PHW graphic

Click to reach full size

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Palestine children: Soldiers, criminals or what?

What you should know about Palestinian juvenile offenders

The law, international and domestic, apparently only recognises two groups who may be imprisoned, soldiers and criminals. Is Ahed Tamimi a child soldier? Is she a political prisoner? Is she a juvenile delinquent? Is she Joan of Arc? Continue reading

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Ireland – again

Irish Senator Proposes Bill to Ban Goods from Judea & Samaria

Jacqueline Lillian Mulhern

Frances Black, a talented singer from a well-known family of musicians, has decided that her musical background prepares her to solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Continue reading

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No fact checking in Ireland?

What concentration camps, Mr.Horgan?

Fault-finders of Edward Horgan‘s ‘Standing up for Palestine’ in this week’s Ireland’s Sunday Independent newspaper (printdigital online) and Irish Examiner’s reader’s blog with slight changes in all three expect to be hit by the standard ‘Criticism of Israel isn’t antisemitism’ cliché.

Well here’s a message. Lies aren’t criticism.
Here’s another message. There are no concentration camps in Israel, Gaza or the Palestinian Authority.

Newspapers employ fact-checkers but nobody bothers when Israel is smeared. Par for the course.

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Happy New Year 2018

Five Minutes for Israel
wishes you a
Happy New Year

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Merry Christmas

Five Minutes for Israel
wishes all who celebrate it
a very Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from 5 Minutes for Israel Continue reading

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Hanukkah at the BBC

Hanukkah 2017: More light than heat at the BBC

It’s long been my opinion that the British Broadcasting Corporation gives Judaism (apart from their Israel obsession) about as much airtime as Jewish numbers  in the United Kingdom (~0.5% percentage of the population) would warrant. It vastly over-provides for the Muslims (~5%) and virtually ignores Hindus (~2%), Sikhs (~0.75%) and Buddhists (~0.4%).

But what did they say when they covered Hanukkah this year? The festival concluded yesterday – Five Minutes for Israel investigates. Continue reading

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