Dear Mr Zuckerberg …

star facebookRevise Facebook Community Standards

Three activists from Sweden have employed social media to send a message to a giant.

Dear Mr Zuckerberg … is yet another imaginative initiative (see Time for a BDS Rethink) that we think all Israel Advocates must join.

But, wait a second, I hear you say, #RETHINK2014 is about confronting Palestinian Hypocrisy Week and Dear Mr. Zuckerberg … is about protesting Facebook insistence that the most extreme Jew Hatred‡ is fine under their Community Standards.  (See Blood Libel OK by Facebook for one of the worst examples).

Why are you lumping them together? Continue reading

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Time for a BDS rethink


Sometimes something comes up that is everything Five Minutes for Israel tried to be. That something is #RETHINK2014.



Those of you who have stayed with the Five Minutes for Israel from the beginning will remember the ’5 minutes’ was all you needed to do something positive for Israel. Since then the blog has become more analytical and less action item orientated. The problem was not finding something to do in five minutes or less but timing them to be most effective. Keeping ahead of the news and the world clock became too exhausting although reading the Irish media to stay ahead of the American media is probably the reason for our continuing interest in Hibernia.

The #RETHINK2014 project. Breaking down the Israel Apartheid smear one photo at a time is taking the concept of a small act that consumes little precious time to the limit. Continue reading

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NUI Galway logostar-ireland_map2NUI Galway?

Are you a student, academic or employee of the National University of Ireland–Galway? Do you live in the region or are capable of getting there? On March 6th a motion for boycotting Israel will be presented to the students. We need a presence on that day and help organising opposition to the motion A.S.A.P. Until a committee is formed please contact this website if you can help in any way.

Further reading

† Intel employs 7,800 people in Israel.  In 2011 alone, Intel exported goods worth $2.2 billion and made $628 million of reciprocal procurements from Israeli suppliers. Over the past five years, Intel contributed more than $4.1 billion to the development of Israel’s economy as part of their Industrial Development Plan. In other words NUI Galway should be boycotting Intel if BDS was consistent.
‡ As we can see from the GlycoHIT website NUI Galway is involved in a consortium which includes Israeli company Agilent. The GlycoHIT website describes Agilent Technologies as the world’s premier measurement company and a technology leader in communications, electronics, life science and chemical analysis. €3 Million is quite a lot of moolah to throw away for BDS.

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Blood Libel OK by Facebook

star facebookfacebook_unlikeNot hate speech?
Then what is?

As a general rule hate-pages on Facebook are run by pimply adolescents who delude themselves that the digital equivalent of graffiti on a cemetery wall is the equivalent of  action. One day they may actually have a girlfriend. That is no excuse.

When one is pointed out to me I report it but don’t generally blog it. Why give them the oxygen of publicity and expand their Google footprint by directing readers there? Ultimately the page is removed although others spring up like toadstools.

This is a little different. One would think removing a FB page Jewish ritual murder would be a no-brainer but apparently not. Continue reading

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12/12 on France 24

France 24 Englishstar-France24Does France 24 jouer franc jeu†?

Middle East: Israelis divided

… or so France 24 believes. France 24 broadcasts Middle East: Israelis divided over occupation of West Bank and allocates 59 seconds to pro settlement ‘Israelis’; 2 minutes and 15 seconds to anti settlement Israelis and 6 minutes and 15 seconds to an Arab woman from Hebron who wants to wind back to 1948.

Is France 24 fair and professional about its Israel-Palestine coverage? Five Minutes for Israel discovers, not so much. Continue reading

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Show support 4 Scarlett

Support Scarlettstar-Scarlett

Win one for ScarJo

Unless you have been holidaying on the far side of the moon. you would have heard about a major BDS fail. Actress Scarlett Johansson’s standing up to NGO Oxfam, a major member of the Hate Israel Lobby, took a certain amount of courage.

Perhaps not raw physical courage. Still, as film maker Theo van Gogh R.I.P. and cartoonist Kurt Westergaard (under 24 hour police protection discovered to huge cost, the combat skills of a Natalia Romanova come in handy when you upset the crazies. More the moral courage to face the bullying of the self-righteous. Hollywood and New York, despite or maybe because of the presence of many Jews, is not the most pleasant place to support an Israeli company. Oxfam clearly thought that having to face the inevitable attacks at Hollywood parties would be enough to dissuade her.

They thought wrong. Continue reading

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Prof. Barry Rubin R.I.P.

star-Rubin-RIPI’ve just heard that Prof. Barry Rubin from the GLORIA CENTER passed away last night. I met him a couple of times and heard him as a panelist, speaker and audience member asking sharp questions. He was a great asset to the cause of Israel.

Honour his memory by reading his books, many of which are free online.  Please share.




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From one Khoury to another

star-Jerusalem-StoneLate addition to the BBC drops a Brick

Khoury is a very common name in the Levant, especially in Lebanon but also in Israel/Palestine. It is exclusively Christian and means Priest. Had I known about Pastor Naim Khoury while writing The BBC drops a brick I would certainly have added this†: Continue reading

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Fresh from the UK

Shrank-red-nosestar-3-wise-menTwo not so wise men

A couple of news items were brought to my attention yesterday. Both have a connection with Iran/Israel.

Moral equivalence at the Economist

The Economist very wisely pulled a cartoon yesterday that in their own words, inadvertently caused offence to some readers. This got me thinking about what cartoonist Peter Schrank may have been thinking when he submitted the cartoon to the newspaper sub-editors. Continue reading

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The BBC drops a brick

star-Jerusalem-StoneHow old is Rasha Khoury?

There is still time to check out The Brick on BBC Radio 4, if you have the stomach. It’s full of smaller errors but even without them the story fails to be faithful to its own assumptions.

The basic story is told through the eyes of a Palestinian Arab woman, Rasha Khoury, who makes a difficult journey from the Palestinian Authority to Jerusalem or as the notes helpfully inform us Occupied Palestine. On the way she discovers her beloved father had a mistress (OK I can buy that a daughter didn’t know) and mistreated and degraded her mother (She never knew that? Didn’t she live in the same home as her father and mother? Not even plausible).

Playwright Selma Dabbagh† states in the The Making of ‘The Brick’ that she was trying to make a parallel between the ground-down mother and the condition of the East Jerusalem Palestinians. Some introspection, please, Selma. It was Khoury’s father who was responsible not some anonymous foreigners.

Now there’s a parallel with the Arabs of Palestine! Continue reading

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