star-balfour_150Could the Palestinians actually sue the United Kingdom for the Balfour Declaration?

With so much coverage of a Palestinian threat to sue the United Kingdom for the 1917 Balfour Declaration I was surprised to find no one had investigated if they actually make a go of it. To my surprise, it’s a long, long shot but, yes, it’s a possibility. They could have their day in court. Continue reading

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Happy Pessach

To all our readers
who celebrate it
Chag Pessach Sameach
Happy Pessach

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Petition to recognise Jewish history

Demand the UN recognise Jewish History in Jerusalem

The Israel Project has launched a petition against attempts in the UN to deny Israel’s rights to any part of Jerusalem. This includes that part of Jerusalem that was in Israeli hands after 1948 and Jewish long before. Continue reading

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I just joined Jewish Voice for Peace!

All you need is a credit card

I just joined Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP).  All I needed was a credit card – not even a real one. They will probably catch on – eventually but I bet they will still number me among the members for a long time to come. Continue reading

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Purim Sameach

Purim – What’s with that?

Purim Tel Aviv 1934

Purim parade in Tel Aviv with a float of a dangerous 3-headed Nazi dragon (Library of Congress 1934)

The festival of Purim is sort of cross between Halloween and Mardi Gras (closer to the first on the spectrum) although the origins are completely different. Continue reading

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IAW 2017 Poster

star-IAW 2017Deconstructing the Israeli Apartheid Week poster 2017

If you have recently visited a university, college or in not a few cases a church you have probably seen the latest Israeli Apartheid Week poster. You will find quite a change of public approach from the IAW Israel Haters. Yet as far as I am aware no one has analyzed it in-depth. Continue reading

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Aussie, Aussie, Aussie No, No, No

star-SydneyMorning-Herald_150-Petition the Sydney Morning Herald –
Tel Aviv is NOT Israel’s capital

The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW, Australia), which presumably means the entire Fairfax Media group refused to acknowledge that Tel Aviv IS NOT the capital of Israel when this error is pointed out to them.

This is a clear failure of the news site of the year. They claim to be Australia’s leading news source. Make your disapproval known. Sign the petition. Share widely. Continue reading

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From a gassy Knell

star-BBCHow the BBC prepares us for the Paris Peace Conference

Yolande Knell displays her ‘half a story’ cred. Fisking Can Paris summit save fading two-state solution?  Continue reading

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We’ll always have Paris

star-Paris-Peace_150 Déjà Versailles

History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce.

Karl Marx

Just in the interests of symmetry the Paris Peace Conference due to take place next week should have waited two more years. It won’t of course, not even four more months, because the organisers are aware that not only would U.S. President Obama be replaced by President Trump but French President François Hollande has announced he would not seek re-election in the upcoming 2017 French presidential election. For both of them properly screwing Israel before their term ends is a last hurrah.


“You have to swallow it whether you like it or not”

Why two years? That would be the centenary of the Paris Peace Conference of 1919, otherwise known as the Treaty of Versailles. The first was tragedy, leading ultimately and perhaps inevitably to the Second World War by way of a failed international body, the League of Nations. The second …? Continue reading

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UN Human Rights Council – Nation by Nation


Freedom in UNHRC members
Albania 2017 67 Partly Free
Bangladesh 2017 49 Partly Free
Belgium 2018 96 Free
Bolivia 2017 68 Partly Free
Botswana 2017 73 Free
Brazil 2019 81 Free
Burundi 2018 19 Not Free
China 2019 16 Not Free
Congo (Brazzaville) 2017 28 Not Free
Côte d’Ivoire 2018 51 Partly Free
Croatia 2019 87 Free
Cuba 2019 16 Not Free
Ecuador 2018 59 Partly Free
El Salvador 2017 69 Free
Ethiopia 2018 15 Not Free
Georgia 2018 64 Partly Free
Germany 2018 95 Free
Ghana 2017 83 Free
Hungary 2019 79 Free
India 2017 77 Free
Indonesia 2017 65 Partly Free
Iraq 2019 27 Not Free
Japan 2019 96 Free
Kenya 2018 51 Partly Free
Kyrgyzstan 2018 38 Partly Free
Latvia 2017 86 Free
Mongolia 2018 86 Free
Netherlands 2017 99 Free
Nigeria 2017 48 Partly Free
Panama 2018 83 Free
Paraguay 2017 64 Partly Free
Philippines 2018 65 Partly Free
Portugal 2017 97 Free
Qatar 2017 27 Not Free
Republic of Korea 2018 83 Free
Rwanda 2019 24 Not Free
Saudi Arabia 2019 10 Not Free
Slovenia 2018 92 Free
South Africa 2019 79 Free
Switzerland 2018 77 Free
Togo 2018 48 Partly Free
Tunisia 2019 79 Free
United Arab Emirates 2018 20 Not Free
United Kingdom 2019 95 Free
United States of America 2019 90 Free
Venezuela 2018 35 Partly Free
ISRAEL Probably never 80 Free
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