UNbiased BBC

star-BBCSurely this fails every test for neutrality?
BBC Left and Islamic

The current big story is the Palestinian failure to persuade the United Nations Security Council to force a Palestinian State on Israel.
The BBC ends the year as it intends to continue — with not-so-subtle hints about what side of the story the unbiased-by-law BBC support. Continue reading

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Another year passes – welcome 2015

Father Time5-in-a-starHappy New Year

Five Minutes for Israel wishes its readers, friends and all Israel advocates a happy 2015.

Happy New Year 2015 from Five Minutes for Israel

Happy New Year 2015 from Five Minutes for Israel

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Question of the Week – Netanyahuphobia

star-survey-150Week 52 – even if almost over :-(

Of late I have been bombarded with anti Netanyahu graphics: Netanyahu as devil, as psychopath, as war criminal†. The implication (not helped by an election campaign where the only issue seems to be personalities) is that one man is personally and entirely responsible for everything Israel does – or in the case of the war crimes charge, doesn’t do. Animosity by some Israelis doesn’t help.

At a conference held recently under the auspices of CAMERA.org I tried to raise the question of whether attacking the Prime Minister damages Israel in the public diplomacy war. The panel chair couldn’t back away from that fast enough. It’s OK to criticise, and they deserve it, the foreign media but ourselves not so much. Continue reading

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Merry Christmas

star-Grinch-150Don’t let the Grinch steal Christmas

Each year Five Minutes for Israel prepares a Christmas card for Israel advocates who celebrate that holiday. In the past it has been pretty (IMHO) but  not likely to give offence or to arouse strong feelings or hostility, even from the Israel Haters. Each year the subject has been an iconic Christmas image steering clear of religion, politics or hasbara. This year is different and I’d love some feedback. Continue reading

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Question of the Week – Week 51

star-survey-150This weeks question (s)

How do you feel about Israelis petitioning foreign parliaments to recognise Palestine? Is this a different question if it was Israelis petitioning foreign parliaments to change a decision made by the Knesset on any issue? Please comment freely. Continue reading

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Question of the week – new feature

star-pepper-150Week 50

Five Minutes for Israel has introduced a new feature. Each week we will poll our readers on a current issue. Please vote and especially important comment on your reasons for your vote. Discussion is unmoderated but as far as possible trolls will be deleted, where found. Continue reading

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What is our Plan B?

star-Plan-B-150What do we do if/when …?

On December 18th the European Parliament will vote on recognising the State of Palestine. That still gives time for European readers to make last-minute contact with their Mission Essential Personnel. Who am I kidding? MEPs – Members of the European Parliament.

What do I think will happen and when do we start talking about the day after?
Continue reading

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Time for a last push

star-BBCPetition-the-BBCChange BBC boilerplate on Gaza casualties to reflect disputed figures.

The petition to push the BBC to fulfil their journalistic and legal duty to neutrality has stopped moving. Nevertheless 680 signatures is quite respectable and it will be submitted this week.

  • There is still time for a final push.
  • Have you signed, yet?
  • Have you encouraged your friends?


Please like on the Facebook page as it encourages and informs your contacts. https://www.facebook.com/Petition.the.BBC

BBC see, hear, speak no evil

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Get real

star-Averil-Powers-150Belling the cat

Senator Averil Powers of the Irish Seanad addressed the United Nations Special Conference on Palestine. If you want to read her speech it features on her website. As she has blocked comments I am forced to use Five Minutes for Israel. Hopefully this open letter will be passed on.

When I read the transcript she posted I first noticed how much she loved to call for real things – action, leadership, etc. She used the word six times in her address – seven if you include reality. I immediately thought of the fable Belling the Cat. Continue reading

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Dry Boned

star-shuldigHelp combat willful rewriting of history and the spread of antisemitism

Who’s the leader of the gang
That’s made for you and me

This actually has nothing whatsoever to do with this post about the Dry Bones Project but the hand bone was suffering a disconnect from the head bone and for Israelis and Israel advocates Yaakov Kirschen AKA Dry Bones is as iconic as the mouse.

Help Fight Antisemitism with the Dry Bones Cartoon

Five Minutes for Israel is honoured to have hosted Dry Bones cartoons since the beginning of the blog. He wants to organise and expand the Dry Bones response. Whether you are a young student or a concerned retiree you can join. in.

Click the link or the cartoon and read more …

Dry Bones

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