FIFA scoreboard

Palestine Football Association Israel Football Associationstar-FIFA-card-150Early withdrawal

My feeling is that Rajoub won this one, although barely. To use a football analogy. The result was corner countdown after a 0-0 game followed by scoreless extra time. It’s still a win and a moral victory for those who wish to destroy Israel.

Why do I feel this? Continue reading

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War minus the shooting

star-FIFA-card-150The BBC and half a story (yet again).FIFA logo

One must wonder how the current corruption charges in FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association) will effect the recent moves by the Palestinian Authority’s Football Association under the leadership of convicted terrorist Jibril Rajoub to suspend Israel’s participation in FIFA sports activities.

Sporting organisations, as FIFA, Fédération Internationale de Football Association, have a quasi judicial role within the narrow limits of their administration. Hopefully the remaining executives will be wary of accepting bribes offered by the Arabs. Continue reading

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Metaphorically speaking

star-tiger-on-a-wire_150Death-defying figures of speech

Some Grammar Nazi (that’s a metaphor, isn’t it?) will probably comment that I am really writing about similes. Similely speaking doesn’t have the same ring does it? Too close to smiley ;-).

Feel free to quote these hasbara figures-of-speech when advocating for Israel. Continue reading

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Labor Lost, Love

star-crowned-Bibi-150The structural and pragmatic reasons why Labor lost and is not likely to win any time soon

This is the article I wanted to write one week before the recent Israeli elections but I chickened out. Who wanted to predict inevitable defeat for the strangely named Zionist Camp, or is that Union, when the polls and the pundits were already celebrating victory? The dust has settled but not the issues that kept and will keep Labor out of power.

Now that it’s over (it’s not completely over until the positions have been doled out between the Likud and coaltion partners) the same pundits who failed to predict it are telling us why Binyamin Netanyahu (boo, hiss & grind teeth) cheated his way to victory. Not so much why the Israel Labor Party lost and nothing about why they are unlikely to win next time — perhaps never again. Continue reading

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Don’t single/double quote me

star-BBCBBC and the ‘M’ word

The ‘M’ word in this case is not Muslim, a word that the BBC turns somersaults to avoid using in a negative context, particularly when relevant to the story. The ‘M’ word is militant, a word the BBC generally uses to avoid using the ‘T’ word, terrorist. Continue reading

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Is this a victory?

Petition-the-BBCstar-BBCBBC quietly alters boilerplate

The Change BBC boilerplate on Gaza casualties to reflect disputed figures campaign delivered more than 700 signatures and received a bland we-will-think-about-it reply.

Well, perhaps they did! Continue reading

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67 years young – 3,000 years old

star-GoogleGoogle honours Israel Independence Day with a Doodle

Google Israel Independence Day 2015

I wonder how many countries that receive Google service were privileged to see it?

Did you see it in your country? Let us know in the comments.

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Holocaust Forgetting

5-in-a-star AuschwitzThe Holocaust through Israel-hating Eyes

Holocaust‡ Remembrance Day (Yom HaShoah) 2015 began in the evening of Wednesday, April 15 and ended in the evening of Thursday, April 16. About a week before the Iranians announced that 839 artworks have, so far, been received by the secretariat for the Second International Holocaust Cartoon  Contest, from over 40 countries. Don’t expect sympathy.

The first contest held in 2006 was often described as the Holocaust Denial contest but that is an over simplification. The attitude of Israel’s Muslim neighbours to the fate of European Jewry is far from monolithic and there are some newish twists. Continue reading

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Rewriting the Holocaust

star-BBCIs the BBC rewriting the Holocaust now to excuse the Poles?

Poland fury at Holocaust comment by FBI’s James Comey The Poles are furious but the Jews who experienced Poland are nodding their heads.

The Polish foreign ministry said Mr Comey had suggested in a Washington Post article that some Poles were accomplices.

Dear BBC, Comey was correct. There was a reason the infamous Auschwitz-Birkenau (Oświęcim, near Kraków); Belzec (near the current Ukrainian border north-west of L’viv); Chełmno (Chełmno nad Nerem, between Warsaw and Poznań); Majdanek (near Lublin); Sobibor (south of Brest-Litovsk) and Treblinka (north-east of Warsaw) camps were situated in Poland. The Nazis could be sure of local cooperation or at the very least lack of resistance, at least when it came to the Jews. Continue reading

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Young, female and forging

star-BBCIs Young, female and forging a path in Gaza a BBC puff piece? The start-up selected to lead off this BBC CAPITAL report is a company named BOOM BABY BOOM without any apparent attempt at irony!

It is a video worth watching if only to see the multi-storey buildings and new cars that Israel neglected to destroy.

Gaza entrpreneur

Not a trace of irony

Continue reading

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