Another Fauxtography fail

star-graphicsThe first casualty in war is truth

When it comes to demonising Israel the last thing that matters is truth. Time and time again we see photographs from other conflicts such as Iraq or Syria or even Bosnia or Ukraine purporting to be of Arabs mistreated and worse by Israelis. Time after time photographs are recycled from archives, given a recent date and a new caption to suit a more recent lie. Sometimes the supposed injustice to Palestinians is actually something that happened to Jews.

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False flag

star-false-flag-150Paris Pallywood

From one point of view the haste that Muslims groups and there supporters have shown to dissociate themselves from the Charlie Hebdo killers is a good sign although the explanations are predictable. It is a question still to be answered whether this was a recognition that the acts were inexcusable; regrettable but the cartoonists/Jews had it coming to them or simply very bad P.R. Continue reading

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star-Je-suis-Charlie-150Are we really Charlie Hebdo?

I must admit and I’m ashamed to admit it that I feel some Schadenfreude, about the horrifying events in Paris yesterday. If I knew the French term for enjoying your enemy’s distress I would use it, but apparently the French have also borrowed the German term. Ironic. Are they also going to bow down to groups that hold them in contempt? Continue reading

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First poll of the Year

Is arguing with idiots a waste of advocacy time?star-survey-150

Recently I seem to be spending far too much time on Facebook Pages that have neutral sounding names implying debate. They have names like Israelis vs. Palestinians or Israel Debate Palestine but debate is rare. Mostly it is libellous mudslinging, sadly from both sides; an unhealthy dose of Jew Hatred balanced by Muslim Hatred and the distribution of every viral image seemingly ever produced. They attract the nuts.

My rationale is apart from the fun in winding up the Israel haters, these groups let Israel advocates know what is out there and the opportunity to counter it early (this is especially true of photoshopped photographs, staged photographs and photographs from other areas of conflict that the haters love to distribute). By providing evidence that the lies and defamation are false advocates put weapons in the hands of supporters.

I don’t expect to change the minds of our enemies. They don’t relate to any point that exposes them anyway but I might influence the undecided. What do you think? Continue reading

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Question never asked

star-Palestine-Ponzi-150Barry ShawHamastan East

If one has been following debates in international and national forums there is one question never seems to be raised. What will this government/international organisation/bunch of ratbags do if (I would say when) the Palestine State they want to force on Israel collapses like a pack of cards. Actually two questions never seem to be raised. The second is how will recognising this fantasy state, in any way, be a benefit to my country?

Guest Barry Shaw, author of Israel Reclaiming the Narrative and the The View from Israel. blog asks:

When the West Bank becomes Hamastan will the left be so keen on a Palestinian state?

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2014 in Blogging

star-alternative_logo_150X150The year 2014 in review

Thank you all for your support in 2014. This blog was viewed about 16,000 times in 2014. Not quite the Superbowl but the equivalent of about 6 sold-out performances in the concert hall at the Sydney Opera House.

Our busiest day of the year was February 26th with 635 views.

Most visitors came from The United States. U.K. & Israel were not far behind. That’s 129 countries in all!

These are the posts that got the most views in 2014. Hope you enjoyed them and perhaps would like to revisit.

  1. Honourable Woman – Dishonourable BBC? Predicting (correctly as it turned out) the latest BBC anti Israel fiction.
  2. Dear Mr Zuckerberg … please remove Jew Hatred from Facebook.
  3. BBC wipes Israel off the map  Only Gaza exists in the BBC universe.
  4. i24 New Israel TV to the world A new Internet news channel arrives.
  5. Posters and Imposters 2014 Israel Apartheid Week parody poster.

Not every post gained as many visitors and that with the assistance of other websites but here are some I most enjoyed. Hope you agree.

Special thanks to Jack Cohen and Ira Weiss for contributing posts.

Swedish Burka Team

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UNbiased BBC

star-BBCSurely this fails every test for neutrality?
BBC Left and Islamic

The current big story is the Palestinian failure to persuade the United Nations Security Council to force a Palestinian State on Israel.
The BBC ends the year as it intends to continue — with not-so-subtle hints about what side of the story the unbiased-by-law BBC support. Continue reading

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Another year passes – welcome 2015

Father Time5-in-a-starHappy New Year

Five Minutes for Israel wishes its readers, friends and all Israel advocates a happy 2015.

Happy New Year 2015 from Five Minutes for Israel

Happy New Year 2015 from Five Minutes for Israel

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Question of the Week – Netanyahuphobia

star-survey-150Week 52 – even if almost over :-(

Of late I have been bombarded with anti Netanyahu graphics: Netanyahu as devil, as psychopath, as war criminal†. The implication (not helped by an election campaign where the only issue seems to be personalities) is that one man is personally and entirely responsible for everything Israel does – or in the case of the war crimes charge, doesn’t do. Animosity by some Israelis doesn’t help.

At a conference held recently under the auspices of I tried to raise the question of whether attacking the Prime Minister damages Israel in the public diplomacy war. The panel chair couldn’t back away from that fast enough. It’s OK to criticise, and they deserve it, the foreign media but ourselves not so much. Continue reading

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Merry Christmas

star-Grinch-150Don’t let the Grinch steal Christmas

Each year Five Minutes for Israel prepares a Christmas card for Israel advocates who celebrate that holiday. In the past it has been pretty (IMHO) but  not likely to give offence or to arouse strong feelings or hostility, even from the Israel Haters. Each year the subject has been an iconic Christmas image steering clear of religion, politics or hasbara. This year is different and I’d love some feedback. Continue reading

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