Mr. Goldfarb, Mr. Guy and Auntie BBC

star-Goldfarb-150Thriving with the J-word

A short while ago I commented on the Biased BBC blog. If Jeremy Bowen doesn’t think what he says is antisemitic [I prefer the term Jew Hatred, myself] what does he think is antisemitic? Then I expanded that enquiry to what does the BBC consider antisemitic?

Is it a term like terrorist that they find hard to define so they essentially forbid its use? Or is it one that can only be safely used in an historical explanation; a location other than Britain; practised by groups the BBC already finds politically incorrect or while denying the BBC suffers from it?

Can we predict what a BBC article on Jew Hatred will look like when Auntie Beeb finally does get around to discussing it? I suspect that Living with the J-word by Michael Goldfarb would be exactly what the BBC would order. The combination of high profile attacks on Jews in Paris and Copenhagen with the report from Community Security Trust that antisemitic attacks on Jews in the United Kingdom are an all-time high made some form of BBC response imperative.
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International Women’s Pallywood

star-pallywood-international womensdayFemale Fauxtography

The Palestinians are often noted for appropriating everybody and anybody’s narratives. When I first became interested, in-depth, in Israel advocacy the PLO were claiming that plane hijackers and bus bombers were somehow the equivalent of Viet Cong fighting a guerilla war. So it wasn’t actually surprising that they hitched-a-ride on International Women’s Day. Nor was it surprising that they took the slogan from this year and MADE IT HAPPEN! Continue reading

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Question: After that speech?

star-survey-150Week 11: Was Netanyahu’s trip worth it?

In week 7 we asked, should P.M. Netanyahu go to Washington? Three quarters of what is, we admit, a tiny, self-selected sample, said yes. Now you’ve heard the speech before Congress; seen the fallout and had a chance to think about it. Was it worth it? How do we judge? Continue reading

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Uncoordinated BBC

star-BBCInsecure Fatah, PA, PLO

The BBC writes PLO to end historic Israeli security agreement.

Leaving aside that this is a threat made many times before, a certain piece of vital information seems to be missing in the second sentence in this article The PLO is the representative body for Palestinians and its decisions are binding for the Palestinian Authority.

Who are the heads of the PLO; the Palestinian Authority that is apparently subordinate to it and Fatah the largest faction in the PLO? Only one head: Mahmud Abbas. So the PLO, led by Abbas instructs the PA, led by Abbas to stop cooperation. He in turn will order Fatah, led by Abbas, to stop cooperating. Continue reading

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Which cola should I boycott?

star-coca-cola-150BDS sugar rush

We never thought there was so much BDS animosity to a sugar-loaded, fizzy drink that Five Minutes for Israel would be pointing to a Palestinian enterprise to counter it. Continue reading

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We’ll be the Judge

star-shafit-150Now in the Mamaloshen: ENGLISH!

Some late corrections to LATMA Returns

  • Look for We’ll be the Judge on YouTube, etc.
  • From episode #2 available with English subtitles.

YouTube Preview Image

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Question: The Bibi Boycott?

star-coin-magic-150Week 7: Should Bibi go?

We heard what IMHO is a brilliant idea. PM Netanyahu should publicly invite Isaac ‘Buji’ Herzog, the man he and the Americans consider to be his major contender for his position, to Washington when he makes his speech before Congress. Perhaps Zippi Livni could tag along to explain why Netanyahu is so wrong now, but not two months earlier when she was a minister in his cabinet? Continue reading

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LATMA returns

star-shafit-150You be the judge

Sometime ago we lamented then soon-to-be demise of satirical program LATMA . We are delighted to find that it has returned to Israel Channel One rebranded HaCol Shafit (הכל שפיט)†. In my translation that is Everything can be Judged. This is a step forward as the previous incarnation only appeared on the Internet.

HaCol Shafit – the programme that doesn’t forgive anything – is scheduled for 21:55 on Thursdays and after the news on Friday on Israel’s Channel One. I expect that non-Hebrew speakers will soon be able to watch a subtitled programme, soon, on the Internet.

YouTube Preview Image Continue reading

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Après Charlie


Here’s a question for you. What do the siege at a Sydney Chocolate restaurant, the massacre at the offices of Charlie Hebdo and the Hyper Cacher, and Boko Haram have in common?

If your answer is, Nothing to do with Islam! high political office is waiting for you. Continue reading

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Question: Who is responsible when Palestine fails?

star-survey-150Week 4 – Be careful what you wish for

His Majesty’s government views with favour …

One standard Palestinian claim is that to redeem themselves for their original sin of the Balfour Declaration of 1917 Britain is obliged to force the creation of the Palestinian State on Israel. It occurred to me after reading Uri Savir’s recent piece in AlMonitor that essentially said that Europe will do everything it can to manoeuvre the Americans NOT to veto in the Security Council that an important question has not been asked.

What is the responsibility of the nations who demand a Palestinian State when that state collapses and/or makes war on its neighbours?

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