Honourable Woman – Dishonourable BBC?

star-BBCMaggie Gyllenhaal as Nessie SteinNew Beeb drama

To begin with a disclaimer. The new BBC series The Honourable Woman will only be broadcast next week so my fears about this being another BBC anti Israel smear masquerading as even-handed may be unfounded. I hope so but the advance publicity combined with the BBC record of broadcasting Israel Hating agitprop as drama (see The BBC drops a brick or Peter Kosminsky’s The Promise) don’t make one optimistic. Continue reading

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Do as you would be done

star-rocket-holeHezbollah video?

No doubt you have all seen the video of an Israeli pin-point drone  strike on a car driven by two Hamas operatives. It’s all over the social media, often with a great deal of crowing from Israeli supporters. Did it bother you?

Video of drone strike

Video of drone strike
Don’t bother clicking!
It doesn’t lead to anywhere!

It certainly bothered me.

Continue reading

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Our Boys

star-bringbackboysThe right thing to do?

The kidnapping of Gilad Shaar (16), Naftali Frenkel (16) and Eyal Yifrach (19) has in a period of a week brought about a huge change in Israeli/Palestinian attitudes. I have been hesitant to blog about it because I am far from sure I am instep with the mainstream on this and solidarity is important.

The campaign hashtagged #BringBackOurBoys or less frequently #EyalGiladNaftali is spreading quickly but brought back memories of similar well-meaning ‘successful’ campaigns. I have a sense of deja vu and I’m not sure I like it. Continue reading

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To Prez or not to Prez

star-silvan-rivlinWill Silvan Shalom or Rubi Rivlin be the next President of israelThe President as an advocacy issue

For all you Americans out there the president I’m talking about is not P.O.T.U.S. No. 44 but P.O.S.O.I. (President of the State of Israel) No. 10. Normally Five Minutes for Israel would as a matter of principle not comment on Israeli partisan politics but here we have made an exception.

Disclaimer: As so often events may have overtaken a blog post but the latest Dry Bones reminded me to finish what I have started. It is now too late to change the Basic Laws to convert Israel from a parliamentary democracy into a republic before the new President is elected. Still the seed has been sown. Weed killers, please.

No to making Israel a republic! Continue reading

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We have Legal Grounds

star-legal-groundsFighting Lawfare with Weapons

Very few concepts in the Middle East have been more abused than that of International Law. Although even calling it the Mid East conflict, as if the dispute between Israel and neighbours is the only conflict in the region, must come a close second. Even more than genocide or apartheid or occupation, terms that have several possible definitions, labeling Israel as in breach of International Law is a crowd favourite of the Israel Haters.

So why haven’t we made more of an effort to widely publicise the legal grounds for Israel’s activities?

… Until now Continue reading

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Nu, New Neo Nazi?

5-in-a-starAntisemitism has been abolished!?

Hate tip for Israellycool for catching the story of Gabriel Diaz, the black, Dominican, New York cabbie suspended for wearing a Nazi armband.

Most ridicule the naivety of a black man making common cause with a group that despises him. Why should anyone be surprised?

We have Queers for Palestine; any number of Christians for Palestine; feminists for Palestine and any number of liberal and/or left groups for Palestine.  All of them are working against their basic interests. So why should a black man vocally proclaiming his allegiance to Hitler’s legacy stand out among the morons? Continue reading

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Methodists: It’s spit, not rain

star-methodist-150Does Israel have the balls to BDS the Methodists?

What can Israel Advocates do to preempt and punish a Methodist BDS resolution?

Let’s start with the obvious. However unlikely the Methodist Conference 2014 may decide in June to reject a motion to recommend BDS. It might even support the side that doesn’t persecute Christians. On the other hand pigs† might fly.

However in the real world, the most likely result is a sanctimonious condemnation of Israel, accepting every Palestinian charge as fact. They will loudly proclaim their neutrality but pass some form of boycott resolution that will allow them to present themselves as righteous without too much pain (or any pain) to themselves.

That has been the Methodist method for several years. If you have the stomach check out the Facebook page of the Methodist Liaison office in Jerusalem. Every post is an attack against Israel. They are emphatically not neutral.

The real question from a Zionist perspective is, what should we do before the conference and assuming the worst what should we do after? Continue reading

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Google Me Independence Day

star-GoogleThe 66 Doodle

Google honours Israel Independence Day 2014. Good to see. Five Minutes for Israel just wonders whether a reader in Saudi Arabia or Egypt sees the same banner?

Google Israel Indepence Day 2014

BTW In Google-speak this is a Doodle.

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Red tent lines

star-red-linesPresidents Conference nixes J Street

Defining the American Jewish community as a big tent is fine but isn’t it time to draw some clear red lines?

You probably have heard that J Street failed to be admitted to the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations. Membership required a 2/3 majority and the final vote was 17 in favour, 22 against and three abstentions.

If you were me you would be thinking how was it even that close?

Where and what are the red lines? Continue reading

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Conversation peace

star-blowing-abbasWho’s that we are NOT talking to?

Two events happened this week that may or may not be very significant. Mahmoud (Abbas) threatened to leave the dollhouse, take his toys and go home and then decided that he and Ismail (Haniyah) are best friends, after all. Memories! Continue reading

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