Cruisin’: Women’s Boat to Gaza

star-womens-boat_150What you should know about the Women’s Boat to Gaza

A ‘single boat’ flotilla, passengered and probably skippered by women is currently on route in an attempt to breach the Israeli blockade of Gaza. Yes, I know that a single boat flotilla might be a contradiction in terms but no more than labeling themselves peace activists.

Here are some things Israel activists should know about it. Continue reading

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star-Olympics_150Reply to Ruby Hamad’s Don’t ask athletes to set aside politics ‘in the spirit of the Olympics’

Is there even one Palestinian in the Lebanese Olympic team?

There are few things more hypocritical than Lebanese claiming to snub Israel because of what we allegedly do to the Palestinians. If there is one country in the Middle East whose treatment of the Palestinians most closely resembles Apartheid-era South Africa it is Lebanon. Continue reading

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Duma-one year (and THREE arson attacks) Later

star-Martin-Sherman_150INTO THE FRAY

Guest post by Dr. Martin Sherman
Originally published: 31 July 2016

“I saw Sa’ad and Reham burning on the ground. Next to them were TWO masked men, one beside each of them. They were dressed in jeans and black long-sleeved shirts…“Their faces were covered with a balaclava, with only the mouth and eyes visible. The street light shone directly on them. I was horrified by what I saw. They saw me and I was frightened and ran back home. I told my brother Bishar to get help and returned to Sa’ad’s house where I no longer saw the TWO masked men – Eye-witness account of Duma arson attack by Ibrahim Dawabsheh, a relative of the victims, Amira Hass, Haaretz, July 31, 2015.

According to the charge sheet, [on] the night of the attack on the Dawabsheh home, Ben-Uliel decided to proceed with the arson ALONE…He allegedly searched for a home that was inhabited and used his first firebomb on a two-storey building that turned out to be uninhabited. He then proce[e]ded to the Dawabshehs’ home, prepared his firebomb in the yard and spray-painted graffiti on the walls, before throwing the firebomb into the house and fleeing on foot. –Chaim Levinson and Barak Ravid, Haaretz Jan. 3, 2016.

A year ago—almost to the day—on July 31, 2015, the entire country was horrified by reports of three members of the Dawabsheh family from the village of Duma being burnt to death in an arson attack on their home. Graffiti, in Hebrew script painted on the walls of the burnt out residence, led to the precipitous conclusion that the act was committed by “Jewish terrorists”. Since that deplorable attack, at least three more houses of the Dawabsheh clan have been torched –as were two prior to it–without any hint of involvement of “Jewish extremists. Continue reading

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ophobia, ophilia, Oh-Trump

star-Trump_150How Trump SHOULD have answered the Khans

If one judges by the continuing media reaction the one and only thing worth remembering from the Democratic National Convention was the mother and father of a deceased Muslim soldier coupled with Donald Trump’s tone-deaf, self-centred response. Did Hillary Clinton say anything, remotely memorable or even jeerable?

The bottom line is that when faced with an obvious and totally predictable gambit by the Clinton camp of producing a good Muslim the Republican didn’t have a proper reply prepared.

Let me help him. The issues and arguments brought up by the Khan’s are too ubiquitous to allow them to go unanswered. Continue reading

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Coup in Turkey

star-where-to-Turkey_150I saw a certain amount of joy on the Internet about the perceived humiliation of Turkish President Erdogan. My feelings about the attempted/failed/continuing coup in Turkey are very mixed. Continue reading

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star-UNESCOUNESCO Action Item

It should be a joke but it isn’t. The 40th session of the World Heritage Committee will be held at the Istanbul Congress Center, Turkey from 11-20 July 2016. In the next ten days UNESCO will vote on a resolution that effectively erases all Jewish connection to the Temple in Jerusalem. Continue reading

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Laboured analogy

star-CorbynWas Jeremy Corbyn just being Jeremy Corbyn?

We are not sure why anyone was surprised by the U.K. Labour leader’s comparison of Israel/Netanyahu with ISIS. We are more surprised that no one challenged his laboured apology and explanation. Continue reading

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Breaking Breaking the Silence

star-Breaking-the-Silence_150Action Item

Received an ad on social media from the New Israel Fund (N.I.F.)? The gist is that Ben Gurion University awarded the NGO known as Breaking the Silence (BtS) ( שוברים שתיקה in Hebrew) the Berelson Prize for Jewish-Arab Understanding(!) and then rescinded as not in the national consensus, and liable to give a appearance of political bias. N.I.F. want you to ‘compensate’ Breaking the Silence by donating them the 20,000 NIS (slightly over $US5,000) prize. Five Minutes for Israel wants you to use the window N.I.F. have opened to tell them what you think. Continue reading

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FRANCE 24 – Sabra & Shatilla Revisited

France 24 missed Lebanon

Lebanon has had no shortage of massacres in its brief modern history. Sabra and Shatilla was only one of them but the Jews were involved, however indirectly, so it is no surprise that France 24 focusses on it. They revisit – Five Minutes for Israel visits their revisit. Continue reading

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Je suis Tel Aviv

star-jesuistelaviv_150No more words needed

je suis tel aviv

Facebook profile

je suis Tel Aviv 300X300

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