star-hacked_150“This site may be hacked”?

The 5MFI.com website has not been compromised and is safe for all Israel advocates. Hopefully it is dangerous for all Israel Haters.

The Russians didn’t hack Five Minutes for Israel nor did anyone else. We don’t know why Google search engine sends a message that we may have been hacked and it may be browser specific. We are attending to this problem and hopefully the notice will come down very soon.

Thank you Shirlee for bringing it to our notice.

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Are you a Kiwi?

Condemn NZ’s involvement with biased UNSC resolution 2334 against Israel

Are you a New Zealand citizen or resident disgusted with the latest resolution in the Security Council? Now is the time to add your voice. Sign the petition to be delivered to Prime Minister of New Zealand, Bill English. Continue reading

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To all our readers who celebrate it

star-xmas-hanukkah_150To all our readers who celebrate them

Five Minutes for Israel


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Swimming ObamaThe World against Israel or Israel against the World

The question about whether Obama would deliver a last minute FU to Israel by abstaining on a UN Security Council vote has been answered. YES HE WILL

    That leads to two additional questions. The first is will he repeat the gesture when France, as predicted, offers another anti Israel proposal in January? The second is what are the possible consequences of a United Nations resolution condemning Israeli settlement construction in disputed Palestinian territory.

Continue reading

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1977 revisited

star-voted_150Gvirotai veRabotai – Mahapakh!

Does anyone recall an election in a democracy which generated so many apocalyptic rants from the losers? I do. 1977’s Israel’s Mahapakh … and the more I think about it the more similarities I find. Continue reading

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Basket of Deplorables

star-voted_150Random thoughts loosely connected by the U.S. election

This week someone called me ‘White’ and clearly considered that to be an insult. Unless her Facebook profile picture was a lie or she was a black Rachel Dolezal, she was no less Caucasian than me. It did get me thinking. Continue reading

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Crowdfunding Jerusalem

JerusalemTEMPLE MOUNT-The true story

Making a factual film about Temple Mount is the best way to spread the Truth!

Filmmaker (War Crimes in Gaza) Pierre Rehov hopes to raise $45,000 in the next two months by crowdfunding. You can help. Continue reading

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Red-flagging November 8th

star-2face-joker_150Voting for Israel – a rough guide

Like most of us, I guess, Five Minutes for Israel has been obsessing about the upcoming American Presidential election. I concede, something that partisans on both sides seem to find impossible, that there are genuine Israel advocates and it-is-politically-convenient-for-me-to-appear-to-support-Israel advocates on both sides. There are Israel Haters and antisemites on both sides.

As a guide to the perplexed here is a collection of candidate red flags. Continue reading

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Hack in a Flak Jacket

star-hack-flack_150Peter Stefanovic exposes what passes for Middle East journalism − and doesn’t acknowledge that he is doing it

Aussie journalist Peter Stefanovic chases the bang-bang in a way that reminds me of a young Jeremy Bowen. That was not meant as a compliment. Continue reading

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Jews who won Nobel Prizes 2016

star-jewish-nobel_150Congratulation to these members of the Tribe

Nobel Prize for Physics 2016:  J. Michael Kosterlitz
Nobel Prize in Literature 2016: Bob Dylan
The Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel 2016: Oliver Hart

The Jewish bit (Thank you Wikipedia)

  • J. Michael Kosterlitz
    Born in Aberdeen, Scotland to German Jewish émigrés, the son of the pioneering biochemist Hans Walter Kosterlitz and Hannah Gresshöner. His father emigrated to Scotland in 1934, after the Nazi takeover in Germany led to antisemitic legislation that barred him from his job at Charité in Berlin.
  • Bob Dylan
    Born Robert Allen Zimmerman, (Hebrew name שבתאי זיסל בן אברהם [Shabtai Zisl ben Avraham]). Dylan’s paternal grandparents, Zigman and Anna Zimmerman, emigrated from Odessa, in the Russian Empire (now Ukraine), to the United States following the anti-Semitic pogroms of 1905. His maternal grandparents, Ben and Florence Stone, were Lithuanian Jews who arrived in the United States in 1902.
  • Oliver Hart
    Oliver Hart was born in Britain to Philip D’Arcy Hart, a medical researcher, and Ruth Mayer, a gynecologist. Both his parents were Jewish; his father was a member of the noble Montagu family; Oliver’s grand-grandfather was Samuel Montagu, 1st Baron Swaythling.
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