International Women’s Day

VideosThis will really p*ss off Code Pink

The women of the IDF show us what it means to do it #LikeAGirl!Happy International Women’s Day!

Posted by StandWithUs on Tuesday, March 8, 2016

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None of the above

star-eyes_150American elections through the microscope of Israel advocacy

This is a Five Minutes for Israel blog post I never thought I would write. Has anybody, ever, seen U.S. presidential candidates as unsuitable for the position and as dangerous for Israel as in the present race? Continue reading

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Ayubowan Sri Lanka and Israel

A distinct absence of lions on the ground

When travelling abroad I like to find connections between the country I know and the one I am visiting. In this case Israel, formerly the British Mandate for Palestine AKA the Holyland compared with Sri Lanka, AKA the Pearl of the Indian Ocean and Sarandīb (the origin of the word “serendipity”) known until 1972 as Ceylon.

I always find some similarities. Since much of my trip was in an automobile let’s start with driving behavior as an indication of national character. Continue reading

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Under the olive tree

Palestinian Hypocrisy WeekPalestine Hypocrisy Week 2016

Israel Apartheid Week pollutes many campuses around the world from late February to April. Feel free to use and share this alternative graphic against Israel Apartheid Week wherever and whenever you chose. The more you use it the more it will be pushed up search engines.

Palestine Hypocrisy Week 2016

Click for Hi Res

Continue reading

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Uncivil marriage

star-Guardian_150Giles Fraser has no boundaries

Perhaps Guardian columnist Giles Fraser was starry-eyed because of his marriage but that is no excuse not to do his homework. It was unnecessary and unprofessional to smear Israel over a system they didn’t even introduce. To add to the insult the ‘wedding’ was conducted under a chuppah and the groom is wearing a kippah. Continue reading

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Is it good for the Jews?

star-Iran-Saud_150When enemies fight

Schadenfreude is a magnificent German word that I am fairly confident ninety-nine percent of Germans have never used in a conversation. It means taking pleasure in your enemy’s discomfort. When two of Israel’s loudest and richest enemies, Iran and Iraq, are at loggerheads, is it good for the Jews? Continue reading

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Facebook Jail

star-Facebook-jai_150lfacebook_unlikeFree Barry Shaw
Campaign for FB transparency

Most Israel advocates have been temporarily banned from Facebook, so-called Facebook jail (for the Irish and Australians amongst us – Facebook gaol), at some time. Five Minutes for Israel is no exception. We don’t believe anyone has ever been given a clear explanation for the punishment and despite the link on the notice (see below) there is no real opportunity for appeal. If you think you are seeing this message by mistake, you may relieve your tension by clicking a link.

You will still not know what crime you have committed; confront your accuser or be able to make a defence. No natural justice in Facebook.

Five Minutes for Israel supports Israeli author and campaigner, Barry Shaw (also a personal friend) in his campaign for release from ‘Facebook Jail’. We hope that it may lead to a more transparent social media. Continue reading

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Seeing themselves

star-stabbing-150Viral images

If you ever have engaged in a social media dispute you probably have seen an image like one below. It either comes in the course of thread when some near-illiterate can’t answer your argument and rifles through his file of memes and cartoons which may or may not have anything to do with the point, and posts it in response.

In other cases the graphic is the post. This labelled one on the right appears more than 600 times on the Internet. That is more than six times the appearances of the original. It has gone viral which means at the very least it has struck a chord. Continue reading

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Biased BBC

star-BBC-agenda_150Israelis charged

The BBC starting the year as they ended it — with half a story. They don’t have to straight-out lie to show bias. They have all tricks of semantics, positioning and omission to do it for them. Continue reading

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star-je-suis_150 Tel Aviv versus …

With no disrespect at all to the victims of yesterday’s apparent ‘terrorist’ attack why does one attack in Tel Aviv generate such a strong domestic and international response while dozens of attacks in Jerusalem and elsewhere in the country do not?

Je-suis-ISRAEL-1 Continue reading

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