Nu, New Neo Nazi?

5-in-a-starAntisemitism has been abolished!?

Hate tip for Israellycool for catching the story of Gabriel Diaz, the black, Dominican, New York cabbie suspended for wearing a Nazi armband.

Most ridicule the naivety of a black man making common cause with a group that despises him. Why should anyone be surprised?

We have Queers for Palestine; any number of Christians for Palestine; feminists for Palestine and any number of liberal and/or left groups for Palestine.  All of them are working against their basic interests. So why should a black man vocally proclaiming his allegiance to Hitler’s legacy stand out among the morons? Continue reading

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Methodists: It’s spit, not rain

star-methodist-150Does Israel have the balls to BDS the Methodists?

What can Israel Advocates do to preempt and punish a Methodist BDS resolution?

Let’s start with the obvious. However unlikely the Methodist Conference 2014 may decide in June to reject a motion to recommend BDS. It might even support the side that doesn’t persecute Christians. On the other hand pigs† might fly.

However in the real world, the most likely result is a sanctimonious condemnation of Israel, accepting every Palestinian charge as fact. They will loudly proclaim their neutrality but pass some form of boycott resolution that will allow them to present themselves as righteous without too much pain (or any pain) to themselves.

That has been the Methodist method for several years. If you have the stomach check out the Facebook page of the Methodist Liaison office in Jerusalem. Every post is an attack against Israel. They are emphatically not neutral.

The real question from a Zionist perspective is, what should we do before the conference and assuming the worst what should we do after? Continue reading

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Google Me Independence Day

star-GoogleThe 66 Doodle

Google honours Israel Independence Day 2014. Good to see. Five Minutes for Israel just wonders whether a reader in Saudi Arabia or Egypt sees the same banner?

Google Israel Indepence Day 2014

BTW In Google-speak this is a Doodle.

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Red tent lines

star-red-linesPresidents Conference nixes J Street

Defining the American Jewish community as a big tent is fine but isn’t it time to draw some clear red lines?

You probably have heard that J Street failed to be admitted to the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations. Membership required a 2/3 majority and the final vote was 17 in favour, 22 against and three abstentions.

If you were me you would be thinking how was it even that close?

Where and what are the red lines? Continue reading

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Conversation peace

star-blowing-abbasWho’s that we are NOT talking to?

Two events happened this week that may or may not be very significant. Mahmoud (Abbas) threatened to leave the dollhouse, take his toys and go home and then decided that he and Ismail (Haniyah) are best friends, after all. Memories! Continue reading

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star-AussieWickedPassover bloodymindedness

Five Minutes for Israel has been floundering around for the last week or so, trying to find a suitable subject for a last day of Pessach article. The choices either turned out to be preachy (can anyone outside a Yeshiva actually remember a rabbi’s sermon?); impossibly general or unrelated. Then I realised that most of the things that annoyed/interested me enough to write about were related, however tenuously, by blood! Hows this for a list? Australian travel advice; Pessach and the Arabs; Israel Haters see red; Obama’s Seder and genetics. Read on and I will explain. Continue reading

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I’m gonna sue!!! Part too

Ahmad Al-GamalLegal issuesTurkey hunting

Most comments I have heard about Ahmad Al-Gamal’s call for legal suits against Israel, Turkey, Britain and France focus on the ridiculousness of Egypt suing Israel for the Exodus and to be fair I spent much time on it I’m gonna sue Part 1 However the rest of Al-Gamal’s article should not be lost to criticism. In many ways it is more interesting, more revealing and may even have a shot at success. Continue reading

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Building and rebuilding

star-wreckingRIBAReverse the Royal Institute of British Architects Boycott of Israel

To accuse Israel of a human rights crime by building is like accusing the little piggy who built a house from bricks of cruelty to wolves.

As with so many BDS resolutions the British Architect’s boycott resolution was conducted by a tiny minority of the organisation’s members with no prior notice. Continue reading

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I’m gonna sue!!!!

star-EgyptThe-man-who-sued-GodAll’s fare in love and law

To predictable merriment an Egyptian journalist, Ahmad Al-Gamal, has announced that Egypt should sue Israel for the Ten Plagues; Turkey for damaging the Egyptian psyche during the Ottoman occupation and Britain for forcing the Egyptian upper class to be mean to the Egyptian lower class (I’m a former Aussie so I can relate to that one. Screw the Pommie Bastards!)

The whole idea reminded me so much of the wonderful Australian film, The Man Who Sued God,  that at first I thought Al-Gamal was hiding behind an Israel bash to make some satirical points about Egypt. Now I think he might even be serious and perhaps unconsciously in the process allowed some deep-seated Egyptian insecurities to emerge. Continue reading

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BDS damp squib

star-waterA dripping tap is a form of torture

More BDS BS. Every time an Israeli company loses a tender bid BDS claims that victory is inevitable. It is unfortunate that an Israeli consortium, led by Mekerot, failed to win an Argentinian contract but not a cause for the crowing.

Rejoin the real world. Companies make failing bids all the time.

What part of ‘The critical objections were the price tag ($170 million in 2012 when the bid was presented), and the inappropriately close relationship between Mekorot’s local partners – 5 de Septiembre, Mako and Eleprint – and the provincial government and water company. In addition, the project failed to guarantee potability because it ignored the deteriorated condition of La Plata’s distribution pipes, according to Adolfo Ruiz, an engineer in the regional government’s water department and representative of the trade union ATE Hidraúlica’ don’t they understand?

BDS was at most a secondary consideration.

Continue reading

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