Shana Tova 5778

Renew us for a good and sweet year 5778

Five Minutes for Israel

wishes all who celebrate it

a sweet and happy Jewish New Year

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Administrative notice

Demolition Deletion NoticeFive Minutes for Israel

When Five Minutes for Israel debuted way back in 2010 we began a subscriber drive and thousands of you registered. However administration proved too difficult and we quickly dropped the idea. However you all remained, quietly, undisturbed, in a database.

The Five Minutes for Israel website is under assault from hackers. The tech guys advise me to delete you all. It won’t hurt.

If you receive some form of ‘delete’ notice. This is the reason. Stay around. Read something.

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Ireland: Don’t do it

Virtue signalling is NOT a good reason for Ireland, or anyone else, to recognise the Palestinian State

This post is a response to Symbolic step of Ireland recognising Palestine would mean so much by T.P. O’Mahony in the Irish Examiner on Tuesday, August 22nd, 2017.

Ireland should not recognise a Palestinian State because:

  • It does not fulfil three of the four legal qualifications for statehood,
  • If a state arises it will inevitably bring on war – not simply against Israel but also between Palestinian and Palestinian and others,
  • Recognition would reinforce the Palestinian belief that they don’t have to make the necessary concessions for peace with Israel ,
  • Both the current Fatah-led Palestinian Authority and Hamas-led Gaza have disgraceful human rights records, call for genocide and ethnic cleansing – and they pass this on to their children.

Put simply recognising Palestine is not in the interests of Ireland, the world or even the Palestinians.  It is an empty gesture. (If you pretend that O’Mahony has the interests of Israel or Jews at heart you’re mad as a box of frogs). Continue reading

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Jews and Women

Stereotypes of Jews & Women Benefit No One and Damage Pro-Israel Advocacy

by Jacqueline Mulhern
Heard any good Irish jokes lately? How about the one where an Irish journalist writes a column insulting Jews and women, then issues an apology insulting Jews and women? Continue reading

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Kevin Myers and the definition of antisemitism

Does the punishment fit the crime?

The Internet is humming over the story of Kevin Myers, veteran Irish columnist who received his marching orders for an off-the-cuff antisemitic reference in an article that he penned. Speaking as someone both Jewish, Zionist (chose to move to Israel as an adult) and a believer in workplace fairness  I am very dubious about the sacking. It did, however, give me thoughts about the antisemitism’s nature and PC punishment.

Continue reading

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A modern tzedakah box

Jewcer Community Funding

Click if you care about Israel’s:
Security, economy, diversity, social welfare, humanitarian needs, civil rights, inclusivity, public diplomacy

Continue reading

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Fauxtography Deir Yassin style

Action ItemsWorld War II Concentration Camp photo repurposed as Deir Yassin

Thank goodness for Reverse Image Source. The people who distribute these lies don’t care whether there is any truth or not and won’t be dissuaded from distributing more pallywood fauxtography, by the real story of this one. Continue reading

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New Labour, Old Labour, Hard Labour, Soft Labour

Ali Gabbay may change Israel’s Labour party –
but will he change my vote?

Last week Avi Gabbay won the leadership of the Israeli Labour party after just months as a member and barely more in politics, after leaving Kulanu, a party with no socialist pretensions.
I had to ask myself, what would he need to do to persuade me to vote Ha’avoda, ever again.  Continue reading

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Moral flagging

Yet another Palestine flag to fly in Ireland

I hope that PM Netanyahu or someone has the gumption to tell visiting Irish Foreign Minister Simon Coveney how pissed off we are by yet another Irish local council flying the red, black, white and green (like most Arab states in various combinations) Palestine flag in solidarity with the people of Palestine.

Assuming they don’t Five Minutes for Israel has a graphic solution. Continue reading

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Oh Ali

BBC Persian ‘personality’ supports Hezbullah …
no one cares

How can the BBC continue employing someone who proudly parades with the Hezbollah flag?

Just what is Ali Alizadeh’s official position with BBC Persian? We’ve seen him labelled as commentator. We have seen him labelled as Iran expert. He certainly appears often on the BBC.  Continue reading

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