BBC wipes Israel off the map

star-BBCA course in map reading V

The BBC has used variations of the following map (left) since the beginning of the war in Gaza: Operation Protective Edge†. Notice something missing?

I’ll give you a clue. ISRAEL!

Gaza is shown as an area with named settlements, roads, built up areas, etc. Israel is out of sight. Compare with MapQuest (right) at the same scale. Real, suffering, innocent civilian people live and die in Gaza. Israel apparently not.

The BBC has achieved what the Israel Haters only dream of. They have wiped Israel off the map. Continue reading

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7 things 2 consider

star-ali-rizvi-monAli A. Rizvi A Response to Ali A. Rizvi

At the risk of damning Ali Rizvi with faint praise I will say his 7 Things to Consider
Before Choosing Sides in the Middle East is a heroic effort to stay neutral, in an emotion-raising conflict. I, for one, am not accusing him of being either pro-Israel nor pro-Palestinian (is pro-Hamas the same thing?) although I can understand the charge. However I do feel he only sees part of the bigger picture; finds moral equivalence where there is little and spoils his argument towards the end by clichés which he previously challenged earlier. Continue reading

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Free Gaza graphics

star-Free-GazaFREE GAZA – from Hamas graphics for Facebook. that is.

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Criminals call for Court

Legal issuesInside Shuj'iyaIsrael charged with war crimes at International Criminal Court (ICC)

Will ICC will accept jurisdiction? I doubt it. It has refused in the past. Palestine is not a member state, neither is Israel, and only member states can raise charges. Apart from that the court will not take a case unless it is convinced the state where the individual accused resides is incapable or unwilling to deal properly with the charges domestically. Israel is fine – Gaza not so much. However, logic doesn’t always apply in a lynching.

Personally I don’t think they mean to go through with it. Rather this is, as with the UNHRC investigation, warfare by other means. Hamas clearly believes/hopes that sufficient public diplomacy pressure can successfully persuade Israel to withdraw.

Should the court accept, we should welcome it and counter sue both the plaintiff AND the Palestinian Authority. Use of the legal system cuts both ways and it is about time the Israeli case is heard. Continue reading

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Petitioning UNHRC

Action ItemsUrgently investigate serious violations of international humanitarian law by Hamas in Gaza

Here is an action item Five Minutes for Israel can wholeheartedly endorse. Please sign this petition to the United Nations Human Rights Council which has pointedly ignored multiple Hamas war crimes (See Criminals call for Court) while essentially demanding a guilty verdict on Israel without examination. The petition explanation lists 8 war crimes committed by Hamas.

Action Item:

Continue reading

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The Blame Game

star-alternative_logo_150X150There is a way to end the Gaza tragedy …
but playing the blame game is not it

Contributed by Ira Weiss

It is tempting for activists on both sides to cynically use the tragedy of this war to advance their political agendas. One example of that is an attempt by some anti-Israel activists to portray the civilian casualties as the result of some special Israeli malevolence. It is estimated that perhaps 70% of the deaths from Israeli attacks in Gaza are non-combatants. That is a tragic and lamentable reflection of how modern warfare is fought by all countries these days, not evidence of some especially egregious Israeli military practice. Continue reading

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Sympathy and cynicism

star-alternative_logo_150X150Anyone but the Jews

From Jack Cohen on ISBLOG
23 July 2014

There was a time when Jews generated a lot of sympathy amongst the liberal western elite, because of course they were defenceless and were being murdered at an alarming rate. But, it didn’t help, because the sympathy for those killed usually came too late, after they were dead. Now the sympathy is being expressed for the enemies of the Jews, the poor Palestinians because they are relatively defenceless, even though they seem to have an unlimited supply of missiles and plenty of guns. But, the Jews had enough of the sympathy of well-meaning people, and decided to take their destiny into their own hands. That is why we are now able to fight our enemies.

Let them have the sympathy, we’d rather have the Iron Dome and the IDF. Continue reading

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Let’s win this one

star-chessEnd Game?

My philosophy: Avoid wars. If you can’t avoid them, win them!

BTW when does an operation become a war? Just asking.

I began writing well aware that events might make this post obsolete before it is published. This morning (Tuesday) the Israeli Cabinet agreed to a ceasefire; Hamas disagreed on a ceasefire and by 11:30 rockets were raining down on Sderot, Askelon and Ashdod and other parts of Israel.

The IDF entered Gaza in force and I still hadn’t finished. Hopefully the operation will be over, if the talking-heads are to be believed. Then what? Continue reading

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Hypocrisy on casualties

star-alternative_logo_150X150Casualties without comparison

From Jack Cohen on ISBLOG
21 July 2014

I’m fed up with hearing the first item of the News being the casualty count in Gaza, but given without any analysis or comparisons. The civilian casualties in Gaza are actually quite small in number compared to other conflicts. The total number of deaths given according to Hamas sources is ca. 400 in 14 days of fighting. But, a large proportion of these must be combatants (note that Hamas combatants are usually without uniforms and often counted as civilians). Hamas estimate 50% and Israel estimates 70% are combatants, so if we choose 60%, an estimate of civilian deaths is 160. This is an incredibly small number given that there are ca. 1.6 million people densely crowded into Gaza and that the IAF has flown ca. 2000 sorties. Continue reading

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New video to share

Videos‘Fat boy owns bully’ OK Israel isn’t fat but the comparison is very valid. See in Graphics>Videos, Going viral.

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