What should Abbas and Coveney talk about?

Nose to Nose

Assuming 🙁 that efforts to persuade deputy head of government of Ireland and Government of Ireland second-most senior officer  Tánaiste Simon Coveney to cancel his meeting with Mahmud Abbas fail, what should they talk about over coffee and biscuits?

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Rosh Hashana greetings from Five Minutes for Israel

 L’shanah tovah tikateiv v’tichateimu

Five Minutes for Israel wishes all of our readers who celebrate the festival, May you be inscribed and sealed for a good year.
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Corbyn: Walking like a Duck? Pt II

Speaking for the Defence (MAYBE?)

Criticism of Israel is not (necessarily) antisemitism

Just remember:

  • Lies are not criticism
  • Relabelling Nazi or medieval antisemitism as criticism of Israel is still antisemitism
  • Sharing a platform with those who don’t bother to hide their antisemitism is antisemitism by proxy

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Corbyn: Walking Like a Duck? Pt 1

Is Jeremy Corbyn an Antisemite?

The Duck test implies that a person can identify an unknown subject by observing that subject’s habitual characteristics. If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is …

But what if the duck is a crow† who has convinced himself that he is really a swan?
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The bitch is back

star-BBCHow the BBC reported the return of Shirley Temper

There is plenty to complain about in this misleading BBC report on the release of Ahed Tamimi from Israeli prison. Palestinian teenager Ahed Tamimi released from prison Continue reading

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Water and Power in Gaza

Like and CommentAction Items

For a few months Five Minutes for Israel has concerned itself more with taking the fight to social media than active blogging. I hope the balance will be changed in the near future as I have a handful of projects waiting to be researched and written.

This blogger has in many ways come in a complete circle. It began eight years ago as a source of action items for immediate attention. Hence Five Minutes for Israel. Continue reading

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Burning Birds

Not just a bird – a falcon

The Internet is full of discussion about the falcon found near Gaza with flammable material attached by string. Are burning birds a new tactic or are they just some sort of new violent symbolism for the supposedly unarmed or should that be unwinged peaceful demonstrators?

Is Gaza running out of string and plastic sheets for kites or condoms (inflated with medical grade helium) so they need weaponise children’s pool toys and birds? Will this lead to a  Gazan population explosion or rather boost the existing population growth rate of 3% (13th highest in the world)Continue reading

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Gas vs. Smoke

Contest HAMAS claims about teargas

Tyre fires produce much smoke, which carries toxic chemicals from the breakdown of synthetic rubber compounds while burning. That includes cyanide, carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide, and products of butadiene and styrene.

The average passenger car tire is estimated to produce over 2 gallons of oil when burned. (Source: Rubber Manufacturers Association, April 2003)

Oil that exudes into ground and surface water as a result of tire fires is a significant environment pollutant. For every million tires consumed by fire, about 55,000 gallons of runoff oil can pollute the environment unless contained and collected. This oily material is also highly flammable.

In other words, Gaza may have created an environmental hazard for its residents for years to come.

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Independence Day 2018

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There seems to be a virus from this site that affects ANDROID and iPhone mobile phones.

PC computers and, as far as we know, Apple equipment doesn’t seem to have a problem.

We are dealing with this as a matter of urgency.

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