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see: Natus est minutatim aka There’s one born every minute.

Papa can you hear us? Petition the Pope

As a general rule Five Minutes for Israel avoid criticising religion. We are well aware of millions of active, believing Christians who defend Israel, sometimes against the policy of their governing bodies. We are aware of individual Muslims whose appeals for common sense in the dispute put them at risk of death from their coreligionists. Even among the Jews support for Israel doesn’t mean there are no bitter disputes between groups at various levels of observance from none to Haredi (ultra Orthodox). We do not want to force believers in any religion to chose between supporting their leaders or Israel because many will however regretfully withdraw their support from Israel.

However since the Vatican’s silence, this week,  over the Catholic bishops who attacked Jewish religious claims to the Holy Land we have come to question this stance. We can’t remain silent.

Petition to the Pope on Holocaust Denial

It is in this spirit we call to sign the World Jewish Congress petition calling on the Pope to reject Bishop Richard Williamson (our latest clown nose Five in a star). It is not simply his 1989 statement “There was not one Jew killed in the gas chambers. It was all lies, lies, lies” nor his apology for his ‘imprudent’ remarks causing problems but not the remarks, themselves. It is the feeling that the rejection of all progress in Catholic-Jewish relations since the Second Vatican Council is now at risk if the Vatican doesn’t dissociate itself now.

We the undersigned call on His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI to ensure that the denial of the Holocaust, or any belittling of the suffering of victims of the Nazi atrocities, by clerics of the Catholic Church be publicly condemned and immediately sanctioned and that those who hold such views be removed from their positions within the Church.

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