star-BBCIt isn’t paranoia when someone is really trying to kill you

Paranoia deepens wedge between Israelis and Palestinians

There are many dubious points, as always, in anything Connolly reports.

They are united by their fears for the dangers their families might face and by the deep urge that’s within all of us to keep our children safe. I guess Connolly never met a Palestinian mother celebrating her son dying as a shahid (martyr) Palestine Media Watch shows 48 examples of this that Connolly missed. OTOH I’m sure Connolly never met a Jewish mother celebrating the martyrdom of her children.

If the Arabs have the same fears for their children as the Jews we have to take it on trust because not one of the Arab interviewees in this BBC report even mentions it.

They do mention a disparity of services without mentioning the salient fact that most of the Arabs in Jordanian Jerusalem (between 1948-67 that’s what it was) do not take citizenship and don’t vote or stand candidates on the ground that would be recognising Israeli sovereignty. Is it such a surprise that those who do take part in the system gain most of the budget?

There is an Israeli checkpoint at the main entrance to the village. The local people say that if anyone throws stones at the soldiers who man it, they close the road and force commuters returning from Jerusalem to wait in their cars for anything up to an hour.

I guess the answer to that one is clear. People who live in houses built of anything shouldn’t throw stones.

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