Palestinian Hypocrisy Week contest

Palestinian Hypocrisy Week

  • Ready for use: view, hi-res for print  (~2MB Be patient)If you had neighbours like that you would build a fence, too.
  • Best for Digital: view, hi-res for print  (~2MB Be patient)
  • Best for Pen: view, hi-res for print  (~2MB Be patient)
  • IAW offiicial version: view
  • 2009 version: view
  • Last year, Guy Gurfinkel and I parodied the Palestinian Hypocrisy Week 2009 poster. Our efforts picked up some publicity through Israelis fight fire with fire in Ha’aretz  and some bloggers. Too little – too late. This year in line with the Five Minutes For Israel philosophy of developing advocates in unexplored areas we are opening it up to you. 

    We have prepared a graphic tool to parody the Destroy Israel Lobby’s efforts and a competition to showcase your hard work.

    What’s in it for me?

    Bragging rights, international distribution and the knowledge you are sticking to the Destroy Israel Lobby and not leaving them the field to themselves. If we can persuade someone to donate a material prize we’ll let you know.

    What do I have to do?

    • If you have the tools download the Best for Digital; modify it with your own distinctive message and send it back to us in one of the regular formats (PDF, JPEG, TIFF, Photoshop including layers, paths, etc.)
    • If you don’t have the graphic tools or prefer to work traditionally download the Best for Pen version; print it out; decorate it (felt tip, ink, paint, stick things to it, whatever) then scan it and send it back to us.
    • If you don’t think graphic skill are your thing, feel free to download the If you had neighbours version or any of the contest entries and print it up A3 or larger at any commercial print shop or perhaps student services.

    It will be best to paste your poster right next to the Destroy Israel Lobby poster to accentuate the parody.

    Won’t the Palestinian Hypocrisy Week people just rip it down?

    Probably. They think free debate is reserved for only their use and denied to anyone who doesn’t agree.

    This is what we suggest:

    1. Immediately you paste up your poster photograph it in situ (and you with it, at your discretion) and send us a copy to put up online.
    2. Print up lots of copies and repaste yours. IMHO a poster war was only gives our case publicity.

    What about infringing copyright?

    Yours or theirs? The creator of a work of art keeps the copyright but by posting with Five Minutes For Israel you are allowing license-free use. That means, and we encourage this, anyone can use your work to advocate for Israel. We want this to go viral.

    Parody is protected free speech. See our blog posts on the subject To infringe or not to infringe and Keeping it graphic.

    Where do we send our comments, artwork, photos and videos of our efforts during Palestinian Hypocrisy Week?

    • Register to Five Minutes For Israel through this site to post comments.
    • Send material to

    Is that all?

    No, the battle is only beginning. For more material we suggest you look to Stand With Us.  As we discover more material we will offer links. Five Minutes For Israel is a portal for Israel advocates and not in competition with any. We are happy to link to Israel Advocacy groups.

  • Ready for use: view, hi-res for print  (~2MB Be patient)
  • Best for Digital: view, hi-res for print  (~2MB Be patient)
  • Best for Pen: view, hi-res for print  (~2MB Be patient)
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