Follow the path of the Dry Bones

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Follow the path of the Dry Bones

Secret Codes Hidden War

08 May 2011

The hand of the LORD was upon me, and carried me out in the spirit of the LORD, and set me down in the midst of the valley which was full of bones

Ezekiel 37

As a general rule Five Minutes for Israel doesn’t exist to direct it’s readers to read other blogs or articles written by other authors, except to tip the comments in favour of Israel. Today I’m making an exception for Yaakov Kirschen. His Dry Bones cartoon has graced this blog since inception and been an eloquent answer to the question, ‘Why do the Israel haters have all the good graphics?‘ for as long as I can remember. I’ve even had the privilege of meeting him. Following up on what Yaakov is doing is not just one Action Item but two!

Action Item 1) Z Street

Yaakov is storming America on behalf of Z Street. Come to hear him in: (full details at the Z Street site)

  • 05/08/11 CHICAGO
  • 05/09/11  STATEN ISLAND
  • 05/10/11 BROOKLYN
  • 05/15/11 PHILADELPHIA
  • 05/15/11 WOODMERE, NY
  • 05/16/11 PHOENIX
  • 05/18/11 SAN ANTONIO
  • 05/24/11 RIVERDALE, NYC
  • 05/25/11 BOSTON
  • 06/01/11 WESTCHESTER

Join: Z Street

Action Item 2) Secret Codes Hidden War

Check all of these out:

  • “Memetics and the Viral Spread of Antisemitism Through “Coded Messages” in Political Cartoons”
    Click to read: the pdf of the Yale Paper
  • Click to see: Video of Presentation at Yale (Kirschen presents his working paper)
  • The Library Compendium of Secret Codes:
    Click to see: Secret Codes Hidden War Library (A unique academic research library of viral images of antisemitism)
  • Delegitimization of Israel Kirschen in a personal chat:
    (A voice-over by the Dry Bones Cartoonist in a personal tour of his findings and their importance in understanding the Delegitimization of Israel)
    Click to see and hear: Delegitimization

Not strictly on topic but I found the video when researching the origin of Dry Bones.

Dry Bones Banner

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