Perfidious Albion†

Action ItemsStill time to comment on the British MPs playing hypocrite about UK arms sales to Israel. It’s becoming a real insincerity fest. British and Swedish Israeli Arms Boycott Developments, Britain to Think Twice on Weapon Sales to Israel

For the record‡ The United Kingdom, the second largest arms exporter in the world, has sold arms to 19 of the 20 countries it identified as ‘countries of concern’ for abusing human rights. These include Saudi ArabiaColombia, China and Russia. It also buys Israeli arms which it has used in Iraq.

Of course, Israel used its arms in Gaza. The Erez crossing into Gaza is a two hour bus trip for most of Israel. Considerably closer than Iraq, Afghanistan or the Falklands is to London.

† The traditional French insult for England, later Great Britain. Examples have been found as far back as the 13th century. From Latin perfidus meaning faithless, treacherous, false. Who says Five Minutes for Israel doesn’t educate you?
‡ Actually the record is hard to find as so much about the arms industry is secret.

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