Petition to recognise Jewish history

Demand the UN recognise Jewish History in Jerusalem

The Israel Project has launched a petition against attempts in the UN to deny Israel’s rights to any part of Jerusalem. This includes that part of Jerusalem that was in Israeli hands after 1948 and Jewish long before.There’s an all-out campaign against Israel at the UN.

The UN’s campaign of hate against Israel has reached a new level. A draft resolution circulating denies Israel’s right to any part of Jerusalem.

Other resolutions have suggested that the Jews’ most holy site, the Western Wall, is not in Israel, that the Old City of Jerusalem is a “settlement,” and the Palestinians are the lawful rulers of Jerusalem’s holy sites. UNESCO, the UN body that governs World Heritage Sites, passed a resolution acknowledging only Islamic history of the Temple Mount – referring to the site only as “Al-Ḥaram Al-Sharif” and ignoring any Jewish history at the sacred site.

Make no mistake, Israel’s enemies are waging a diplomatic war against the Jewish state at the UN. These actions could undermine Israel’s connection to Jerusalem and fundamental right to exist.

If we don’t act now, Judaism could lose its place at its most sacred site, Israel’s standing could be in danger and so could freedom of religion in Jerusalem. In the face of this travesty, we must stand up for Israel. 

There is a bright side. Nikki Haley, America’s new ambassador to the UN has proven she will stand with Israel. Stand with her and demand the UN recognize Jewish history in Jerusalem.

Action item

Sign and share the petition. Click on this link or on the graphic below:

Some discussion

Under the 1947 United Nations Partition Plan for Palestine the city of Jerusalem would be placed under international regime, conferring it a special Corpus Separatum status, neither Jewish nor Arab, due to its shared religious importance. Following their defeat the Arabs reversed their position and declared that the plan they had rejected and went to war to prevent its implementation was now the basis for an Arab state in Palestine. As far as I am aware they never went as far as supporting a separate status for Jerusalem.

The Jews on the other hand, had accepted the Partition Plan even though Jewish Western Jerusalem (outside of the old city) would be part of the separate status.

A Palestinian demand for all of Jerusalem including the parts that were Israeli before the 1967 war is a new development. It extends the Palestinian ‘State’ past the 1948 Armistice lines, often incorrectly described as the 1967 borders. Not that they don’t have a list of non negotiable demands beyond the ‘Green Line’ such as a secure corridor between the Gaza Strip and the West Bank.

Up till now the United Nations, European Union, United States and the Holy See all, at least formally still support the never attempted and never likely to be attempted internationalisation  of Jerusalem. That is thew excuse for not moving their embassies to Jerusalem.

Will an attempt by the Arabs to change this be successful for them? Given the cesspit that is the United Nations, who knows?



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  2. Anonymous says:

    The Western Wall is not Judaism’s holiest site. The Temple Mount is Judaisms holiest site. Any child educated in Judaism knows this. What are the motives of this petition to acknowledge inalienable rights of Jews to worship at its holy sights in Jerusalem but seemingly purposely obscures, if not by its omission would surrender, the right of Jews to pray on the Temple Mount the site of the Beyt HaMikdash. You should be standing up for and insisting on the recognition of the right of Jews to visit and pray at the Temple Mount without being assaulted or arrested for doing so in this petition. Failing to mention the importance of the Temple Mount in Jewish history and that of Jerusalem seems to be avoiding the most important aspect of Jewish history in Jerusalem.

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