Posters and Imposters 2014

Palestinian Hypocrisy Weak 2014Palestinian Hypocrisy Week

The graphic resources for Palestinian Apartheid Week 2014, have come online rather late. Five Minutes for Israel continues the ‘tradition’ of parodying their materials. 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009


Hi-res for printing

Action Items

  • Feel free to share and spread virally. The more shares and especially blog posts that feature the modified material the more likely search engines will boost these graphics high on their pages. This should annoy the Israel Haters and, who knows, lead to some accidental posting ;-).
  • Print some up and paste them next to the originals. We will be delighted to display a photograph of the posters in situ before the Israel Haters tear them down.
  • Use them as the cover for your society magazine that will be distributed showing your opposition to I.A.W. events.
  • Send them to the media in your town.
  • Need a version other than in English? Just send me the text.



UK and US: February 24-March 2 Europe: March 1-8 Palestine: March 8 – 15 South Africa: March 10-16 Brazil: March 24-28 Arab world and Asia: TBA

Latuff blows it

Not only is this not Carlos Latuff’s best work, it arrived late.  Say what you will about his use of medieval antisemitic memes to libel Israel and the basic dishonesty, few would deny his ability as draughtsman.

Palestine Hypocrisy Week with rockets

Palestine Hypocrisy Week #1

It looks like his heart wasn’t in it. Throwing together images he has used before, he produced a graphic that is unmemorable and pedestrian. Nothing like the heart wrenching keffiyeh boy with his teddy bear. Perhaps we should be thankful?

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