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Palestinian Hypocrisy Week

9 February 2012

Update to Israeli Apartment Week

Laugh at Israeli Apartheid Week

Israeli Apartheid Week is upon us. How fast does a year go? In keeping with Five Minutes for Israel tradition I have stripped their outreach materials bare in lo-res (Internet) and hi-res (printable) versions so Israel advocates that parody and annoy IAW to their hearts’ content.

Action Items:

  1. Share and distribute this material widely.
  2. Create your own parodies.
  3. Photograph your efforts in situ, preferably next to theirs.
  4. Send me links to your efforts so we can publicise them further.

My hat is off to Elder of Zionfor being so quick of the mark with this.  Time to get ready for the annual Israel hatefest “Apartheid Week”

Elder of Zion Hypocrisy Week 2012

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Blank Template Exploding pram version
Mahmud Abbas says no Jews in Palestine - ever. Mufti of Jerusalem says 'kill the Jews'

Hi-res for printing (PDF format) Be patient large (~14MB) files may take a little time to open.

Palestinian Hypocrisy Week banned

Parody of the IAW website graphics

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