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Prepare now for Palestinian Hypocrisy Week

There is a poster competition starting for Israel Apartheid Week. We don’t link to Destroy Israel Lobby sites so  you’ll have to Google Imaging Apartheid if you want to access the original site.

They do have a point when they say, Street level art work and design has consistently played a critical role within  international solidarity movements throughout the world†: from the powerful poster art published by the Black Panthers in the late 1960s; to the striking design work created by artists inspired by the Africa National Congress (ANC) and the global movement against apartheid in South Africa; to poster art created to support the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) and the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO)†.

Remember the war against Franco?
That’s the kind where each of us belongs.
Though he may have won all the battles,
We had all the good songs (posters).

Lyrics from The Folksong Army by Tom Lehrer

Our suggestions:

  • Submit satirical and parody posters to Imagining Apartheid and to us (we’ll publish them) and get their goat. I’m working on a Gazans prefer Israeli products – cheaper prices & better quality poster as you read this. Deadline November 1st, 2010.
  • Start working on Palestinian Hypocrisy Week posters to hang next to the IAW posters where ever you see them and get their goat. Submit copies to us and the media. Please email me at with any queries.
  • Are you able to get to Montreal for a counter exhibition of Israel Advocacy Posters (date to be announced)?

†The Soviet Union called it agitprop. Much of it can be bought on satirical T-shirts, in Arbat Sreet, for a few dollars.
Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Hezbullah, Al Qaeda, Muslim Student Followers of the Imam’s Line?

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