Israel Rejects UN Plan to Probe Flotilla Raid Voice of America, 24 July 2010

Five Minutes for Israel is always amazed at reports on a Sabbath (Friday night until Saturday night) claiming to report an official response to anything. Out of deference to Jewish tradition; respect for the power of the religious parties, both in and out of government and concern for Knesset Members’ weekends Israel almost never does anything official on the weekend!

Probe committee named

The United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) has named a flotilla probe committee consisting of Sir Desmond de Silva from Britain, Karl Hudson-Phillips from Trinidad and Tobago and Mary Shanthi Dairiam from Malaysia. Is there a Professor Christine Chinkin† among them, who should recuse him/herself from the committee? Does anyone know much about them and any pro-Israel or Destroy Israel Lobby positions from these three?

† Professor Christine Chinkin signed a letter before the conflict had even ended, clearly stating that Israel’s actions in Gaza amounted to “war crimes” and that Palestinian rocket attacks were not significant enough for Israel to exercise her right to self-defence. Neither the UNHRC nor the Prof. thought that was enough to replace her. Once a Traffic Court Judge transferred my case to another judge and another trial date because we had lived in the same building 15 years before.  It makes one wonder how much pre-trial bias would be enough to disqualify anyone from these investigations?
‡ The wording of the headline assumes there was an assault.

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