Public diplomacy Jiujitsu – on the buses

Action Item: On the Buses

Public diplomacy Jiujitsu – on the buses

A new form of attack calls for a new form of defence?

According to Seattle KING5 TV an ad campaign “Israeli War Crimes: Your tax dollars at work” will hit Seattles buses on December 27. It’s already raised controversy which, if you look at it, was its major purpose and that at a cost of only $1,794!‡

What should Israel activists do about it?

The standard attack is to use pressure to stop the campaign before it starts. There are grounds but I propose that using them simply gives the Destroy Israel Lobby the chance to claim ‘Freedom of  Speech’ has once again been prevented. They don’t have to add by the evil Joooos. They have enough hangers-on who will do that for them.

If history is any guide banning the ad will generate more and wider publicity that if it runs. The BBC Board decision not to run an advertisement about Gaza, coupled with BBC News giving it more publicity than they give any similar issue, probably meant far more people saw the ad or heard about it than if it had run, for a few days. The charities have been remarkably reluctant to tell us how much was raised which suggests not as much as hoped but the publicity was priceless.

WIN-WIN for the Destroy Israel Lobby. Actually I suspect LOSE for the bus company who probably will be spending far more than the ads earn in handling the PR mess.

Sauce for the Goose is Sauce for the Gander

At that price Israel Advocates could and should put their own attack ads. Say all the things that political correctness won’t allow. The gate has been opened and the horse has bolted. Attack Hamas for proposing Genocide. Attack the Palestinian Authority for allowing attacks on Gays, Women and Christians. How about your tax dollars flow into Abbas’s pockets, for a poster?

Why stop at that? A poster of Palestinians celebrating the destruction of the twin towers on 9/11? Picture of Blackwater contractors bodies mutilated and burned hanging from bridge in Baghdad? Oil money at work? Offensive but comes under freedom of speech, doesn’t it.


This is where the Jiujitsu comes in. I have been writing to Seattle newspapers, taking the view that the tax money the United States sends to Israel directly creates jobs in Seattle. Israel, unlike Egypt, the next in volume for military aid, Jordan and yes, the Palestinian Authority and all those N.A.T.O  states, is obliged to spend it in America. As many defence contractors, lead by Boeing, operate out of Washington state the tax dollars subsidize American jobs in the area.

WIN-WIN for us.

What do you think?

Seattle bus ads

The controversial ads.

On the Buses was a British situation comedy that was broadcast in the UK from 1969 to 1973. I remember it, even if everyone else is too young. 🙂
‡ Per bus, per week, in total? It’s still cheap.

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