Purim Sameach

Purim – What’s with that?

Purim Tel Aviv 1934

Purim parade in Tel Aviv with a float of a dangerous 3-headed Nazi dragon (Library of Congress 1934)

The festival of Purim is sort of cross between Halloween and Mardi Gras (closer to the first on the spectrum) although the origins are completely different.

If an unprepared visitor strolls through Israeli streets in the next few days he or she will be startled by Bat(wo)men, Super(wo)men, Ninja Turtles, pint-sized and/or sexy soldiers, firefighters, witches, etc.

Some of the costumes might be overtly political. Expect Elor Azaria to make an appearance.

Others, regrettably a diminishing category, will be homemade and clever. However most inevitably will be synthetic material, made-in-China, off-the shelf costumes.

My granddaughter was a super cute strawberry last year. This year she’s a butterfly/beetle.

If the same visitor was to walk around some areas in Israel at night, especially in ultra orthodox locations he could be surprised by the very rare occurrence of drunks lurching across the street.

The post-biblical festival commemorates the escape of the Jews of Persia now Iran from an evil, genocidal plot. By extension every past and present plot is included in the celebrations. For many it is a much needed excuse to blow off some steam.

Chag Purim Sameach – Happy Purim

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