Question: After that speech?

star-survey-150Week 11: Was Netanyahu’s trip worth it?

In week 7 we asked, should P.M. Netanyahu go to Washington? Three quarters of what is, we admit, a tiny, self-selected sample, said yes. Now you’ve heard the speech before Congress; seen the fallout and had a chance to think about it. Was it worth it? How do we judge?

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  • Do we judge a speech immediately after it is given or does it require the hindsight of years?
  • Does a speech that fails mean it shouldn’t have been given? I am thinking of Haile Selassie’s appeal to the League of Nations He was forced into exile.
  • Should Israel be scared of the wrath of Obama?
  • Did Netanyahu provoke a breach of bipartisan support of Israel or was it already there as indicated by the 2012 Democratic Convention?
  • Are additional seats won after the speech by the Likud a sign of success or failure?

……The list goes on. I’m sure you have some questions, yourselves.

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R.J. Matson is the editorial cartoonist with Roll Call, and is syndicated internationally by Cagle Cartoons.



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