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Five Minutes for Israel has introduced a new feature. Each week we will poll our readers on a current issue. Please vote and especially important comment on your reasons for your vote. Discussion is unmoderated but as far as possible trolls will be deleted, where found.

When I figure out a free or very cheap way to link the website poll with Facebook I will add it.

This week’s poll

Pepper spray devices

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Interesting discussion in my local English speakers group. Should Jews, particularly in areas of Jerusalem where being attacked by Arabs is a plausible risk, carry pepper spray?

In Israel (Rehovot English speakers – a very self-selected, unrepresentative group I admit) were divided but a majority seemed to be against.

In the single Facebook I posted the overwhelming majority (most probably American) supported the idea with a significant number recommending firearms.

Firearms are out of the question for most of us. Israel along with most civilised countries (no, I don’t want a 2nd amendment discussion) does not give a constitutional right to keep and bear arms. In actual fact, gun control is among the strictest in the world and may become stricter.

Check out Kiss Kiss Bang Bang for a discussion from March 2013

However the arguments coming from the Rehovot group against pepper spray are quite similar to those against firearms.

  • Greater risk of injury to the innocent than the likelihood of protecting against an attack.
  • Encourages vigilantism and violence outside the conflict arena.
  • Increases likelihood of police violence (English police can go unarmed because the expectation is that the people and the crims are unarmed.
  • Much more serious damage caused that advocates believe.


Five Minutes for Israel links to the campaign Pepper Spray for Israelis for information only. This isn’t an endorsement and I have no intention to either donate nor buy pepper spray for myself or my family. Circumstances could change.

Extra credit

Pepper spray dispensers (left to right)
♦ Pepper Mace Gun – Loyal Defender
♦ Lady Jean Pepper spray – Hands oN Defense
♦ Pepper Spray Phone Case – spraytect
♦ Pepper Shot Pepper Spray – TBO-TECH

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