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29 August 2012

Photos can lie and liars do use photos

After months in court, over 30 witnesses and 2000 pages of evidence all that would be said has been said. Those who don’t want to believe the evidence or the law – won’t.  What is really annoying is when the MSM recycle material that has already been debunked. See, for example, the BBC using a clearly photoshopped fake picture in Rachel Corrie: Court rules Israel not at fault for death.

Don’t expect new information from me. The information here was discovered by others and I regret I don’t have the information to credit them, properly.

When this material comes up don’t hesitate to put this alternate material up against it. Click the photograph for a larger size.

Angelic Rachel vs. Satanic Rachel

Angelic Rachel Corrie

The 5-in-a star is placed to prevent distribution

Rachel Corrie and home made burnt US flag

Oh say can you see my eyes? If you can the flag’s too low

Rachel Corrie burns flag

An ordinary everyday American girl

The angelic, dreamy,  butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth version on the left is all over the Internet and in many publications. I feel the screaming harpy calling on the world to F*** America shows the character of someone willing to risk death to protect terrorists shows her character better.

It’s interesting that in the flag burning photographs she is wearing a head scarf. According to some accounts there were sexual tensions between the Westerners and the local Gazans. Part of the rationale for ISM pushing Rachel Corrie to take such risks may have been to re-establish credibility, locally.

Before & After

Rachel Corrie before accident

Used to show the D9 driver could easily see and hear Corrie

Rachel Corrie after accident

Different time, different place and most importantly different bulldozer

As a photographer I would suggest that a telephoto lens has made the woman in the red jacket appear much closer than she really was. The IDF video of the event has Corrie crouching behind a mound of dirt and refuse, no megaphone. With the blade up and limited visibility due to the armor the IDF claimed and the court agreed that the Caterpillar D9 driver would not have been able to see her.

5g.    Based on the evidence presented to me, including the testimony of the expert for the prosecution, Mr. Osben, I hereby determine that at approximately 17:00, the decedent stood roughly 15 to 20 meters from the relevant bulldozer and knelt down.  The bulldozer to which I refer was a large, clumsy and shielded vehicle of the DR9 model.  The field of view the bulldozer’s operator had inside the bulldozer was limited.  At a certain point, the bulldozer turned and moved toward the decedent.  The bulldozer pushed a tall pile of dirt.  With regard to the field of view that the bulldozer’s operator had, the decedent was in the “blind spot”.  The decedent was behind the bulldozer’s blade and behind a pile of dirt and therefore the bulldozer’s operator could not  have seen her.

The bulldozer moved very slowly, at a speed of one kilometer per hour.

When the decedent saw the pile of dirt moving towards her, she did not move, as any reasonable person would have.  She began to climb the pile of dirt.  Therefore, both because the pile of dirt continued to move as a result of the pushing of the bulldozer, and because the dirt was loose, the decedent was trapped in the pile of dirt and fell.

From the English summary of the judgement.
Summary of the Verdict (T.A. 371/05) Estate of the Late Rachel Corrie, etc.v. The State of Israel – Ministry of Defense

Palestinian fauxtography. So what else is new?

Photoshopped Rachel Corrie fake

Even after this photograph has been proved clearly fake the BBC uses it.

Photoshop copy paste. He has no feet.

The ‘artist’ must have thought no one would notice the feet.

The man next to Rachel Corrie has no feet. His picture was cut and pasted into the picture.
The woman casts a shadow to her left but the much-larger bulldozer casts no shadow whatsoever in that direction. If you look at the back of the bulldozer blade, the hydraulic piston’s shadow shows that the sun is coming from behind the bulldozer. She and the man in the white T-shirt should also be casting shadows in the same direction but they are not.

5n.    With regard to legal grounds:  It is true that the decedent was killed during the incident that is the focus of this lawsuit.  However, in this case the defendant did not violate the decedent’s right to life.  The decedent put herself in a dangerous situation.  She stood in front of a large bulldozer in a location where the bulldozer’s operator could not see her.  Even when she saw the pile of dirt moving towards her and endangering her, she did not remove herself from the situation, as any reasonable person would have.  The decedent began to climb the pile of dirt, got tangled up in it, fell and eventually died.

The decedent’s death was the result of an accident that the decedent caused.  This occurred despite the efforts of the IDF force to distance her and her colleagues from the area.

I believe that, under these circumstances, there is no justification to obligate the State to pay compensation for damages that the decedent could have prevented, but preferred not to, thereby choosing to risk her life as she did.

From the summary

Further reading: The irreplaceable Elder of Ziyon has everything you need to know about Rachel Corrie

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