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Reclaiming the Narrative: Fact & Fiction

Despite the Reclaiming the Narrative: Fact & Fiction title HonestReporting’s first conference wasn’t about English Lit, even if some of the stories would be rejected as unbelievable if classified as fiction†. Also I didn’t so much blog it as photograph and grab quotes from the speakers, some of whom were my advocacy heroes long before this conference.

If you want to know more about what happened, check out First HR Conference: Be a History Maker and Not a Bystander including the full text of Melanie Phillip’s speech. This is great for me as I was inexcusably late – would you believe  traffic jam from my house in Rehovot right up to the conference hall at the Inbal Hotel? Apologies if the quotes are approximations – I didn’t bring a recorder and although my hands are short, I don’t write shorthand.

Melanie Phillips

Melanie Phillips

Useful idiots and Fifth Columnists:
the Media Role in the War against the West

Melanie Phillips, British journalist, broadcaster, author and blogger.

If Israel doesn’t put the case properly, how can anyone else?

We should be demanding of the world:

  • Why it expects Israel alone to make compromises with people who have tried for nine decades to wipe out the Jewish presence in the land and are still firing rockets at it.
  • Why America, Britain and the EU single Israel out for pressure which they apply to no other victims of genocidal aggression.
  • Why so-called ‘progressives’ – including Jewish ‘progressives’ — why they support the racist ethnic cleansing of every Jew from a future state of Palestine.
  • Why ‘progressives’ why they are not marching against Hamas on account of its tyrannical oppression of Palestinians in Gaza.
  • Why they are not mounting a BDS‡ campaign against Mahmoud Abbas’s Palestinian Authority on account of his Holocaust denial and the PA’s continued incitement of Arab children to Jew-hatred, murder and genocide.
  • Why they are ignoring Arab and Muslim persecution of women and homosexuals.
  • And we should be telling the Jews ‘own story of refugees and ethnic cleansing.

Let’s have an Arab Oppression Week on Campus!

There is no underestimating the damage Haaretz English edition does in the UK, every day.

Conference Hall

Conference Hall

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Melanie Phillips ¦ Danny Seaman ¦ Jonathan Rynhold ¦ Neil Lazarus ¦ Elliot Chodoff ¦ Joe Hyams ¦ Avital Leibovich ¦ Khaled abu Toameh

† BTW In the Five Minutes for Israel tradition of  ‘almost’ educational titbits. Did you know that Evelyn Waugh’s classic 1938 novel Scoop was marketed as a satire because admitting the truth about how closely it records Waugh’s own experience when he was sent to cover Benito Mussolini’s expected invasion of Abyssinia (Ethiopia) was considered unpatriotic?
‡ Boycott, divestment and sanctions

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