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21 November 2012

Why are you trapped?

Erin Cunningham is probably a caring woman but how is it possible to be a journalist in Gaza and not see any rockets launched? How is it not possible to see them and put two-and-two together about Gaza’s misery?

If you are unsure how to help Israel take a few minutes to answer articles like this one. Don’t let them pass unchallenged.

My reply to Trapped in Gaza

Did Hamas know that when they decided to wage war against Israel their own people would suffer? Of course they did. They were even expecting it as a repetition of the First Gaza War when their propaganda victory compensated for their military loss.

Did the people know? Now there’s the rub. If one believes every opinion poll and Hamas themselves the people supported the war, all the way. Of course, those who didn’t support it could count on being murdered so we can’t blame them for keeping silent.

Did they know that Hamas was building launchers from their homes; storing explosives under football fields and turning the major Gaza hospital into a command centre? Did they understand the inevitable consequences of fighting a war using their own as human shields? Did they ask why the Israelis build bomb shelters for every residence and an early warning system but their Hamas masters decided to invest billions in aid in offensive weapons and nothing to protect the Abu Amra’s and the Kafeh Thaer’s?

Perhaps Erin Cunningham will ask them that in her next interview?


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