Reporting on Rockets

This was supposed to be an Action Item. Now it’s more like a quiz.

Grad rocket landed on the city of Ashkelon† early Friday morning

  1. How many news outlets thought it important enough to report?
  2. How many reported Israel’s response as the story but relegated the rocket to a sentence towards the end?
  3. How many referred to the dead Hamas official as a) militant, b) activist, d) fighter, e) bomb maker or f) just Palestinian?
  4. How many described rocketing a city as terrorism?
  5. How many referred to crude,  home-made or inaccurate when describing rockets from Gaza?
  6. How many reminded their readers that Hamas attacks rarely kill?
  7. How many referred to Operation Cast Lead and included exact casualty figures?

No prizes but bragging rights for the most answers (use the comments).

Range and response times for rocket attacks

† Also written Ashqelon.

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