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One paragraph in this Reuters report on the Jerusalem Bus bombing really grates. It is common practise (the BBC is an expert) to degrade the credibility of anything that reflects badly on the Palestinians by writing “Israel say”s or “the police say” or “the army says”, even when there is absolutely no doubt but Reuters’ moral equivalency raises semantic trickery to a new low.

Police said it was a “terrorist attack” — Israel’s term for a Palestinian strike.

Action Item: Ridicule, ridicule, ridicule … on the Reuters site. Bombing near Jerusalem bus stop kills woman, 30 hurt
I didn’t pick this up first.  Dear Reuters, You Must Be Kidding, Geoffrey Goldberg, The Atlantic

Screen grab of Reuters story

BTW My comment was: A bomb explodes near Reuters office. Reuters said it was a “terrorist attack” — Police say it was just ‘literary criticism’.

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