Sass and Sanity

This is the week for viral videos!

Hopefully Five Minutes for Israel can persuade the makers of  some of them to write about their experiences. News about videos  reach us as they reach you through e-mail and social media. Your two Action Items are to pass them on and to be inspired to produce your own. 

The first is Only Israel – by Yedida Freilich. It is produced by Sass Productions (hence the sass in the headline). I will try to post the lyrics ASAP. It turns the question frequently thrown at us by the Destroy Israel Lobby on its head. Why isn’t Israel held to the same rules as everyone else?† 

So why is Israel the only country denied the right of self-defence? 

The second An Island of Sanity – by Daniel Remer at Remervision Video Productions. (You guessed it: the sanity in the headline). It’s about what the Readers’ Digest used to call Laughter is the Best Medicine‡. 

The third is a hat tip to Honest Reporting. And you thought Vuvuzelas were annoying Israel ratbags incite Palestinian children to get in the faces of  IDF soldiers. When that doesn’t work the adults  insult and push at the soldiers until the inevitable happens they get arrested. With the inciters out of sight the kids play soccer, totally unconcerned with the soldiers a few metres away. Normally Five Minutes for Israel will not link to a Destroy Israel Lobby video but this one is crying out for subtitles. For example the soldiers continually urging the adult inciters to ‘calm down’. Different languages and some shortening would help to.
Video gurus. Bonus points if you make this your Action Item. 

One wonders if the film makers aren’t aware they are shooting themselves in the foot by putting evidence of the Pallywood nature of the demonstration on-line? The answer is probably not. Few in the MSM have any problems about broadcasting clearly manufactured material if it is anti-Israel. 

Last but not least, a video I don’t doubt you have already seen and shared. Israeli Soldiers Dancing ft. Kesha – TICK TOCK (Rock the Casbah in Hebron) The guys have clearly broken any number of  totally reasonable IDF regulations. However it is this commentator’s humble opinion that material,such as this, showing the IDF as they are, someone’s son, boyfriend, father, husband or lover, do us a mountain of good.

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† Not strictly about video. Another case of British hypocrisy about Israel. The View from Israel asks why haven’t the Brits rode their moral hobby-horse about the Russians forging UK passports. Australia part of fake passport swapping club The Sydney Morning Herald turns cartwheels to avoid calling the Aussie Government hypocrites. 

‡ Strictly off-topic. Does the Readers’ Digest still exist? I haven’t seen a copy for twenty years or more.

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