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Count the Children

As a general rule Five Minutes for Israel ignores the Independent. Criticising any newspaper featuring both Robert Fisk and Ben White would be like criticising al Jazeera or Soviet-era Pravda. But the graphics in  Israel reduces Palestinians’ permitted fishing zone by a third post (Saturday 6 October), especially as linked on their Facebook page drew my attention by their hypocrisy.

In case this is an ‘oops’ moment and they remove one or the other I have screen-grabbed them.

How many underage in this photograph?

Click on the graphic for a larger image.

The original caption was Palestinians take cover at protest on the Gaza-Israel border on 5 October ( Getty Images ). In what is clearly a posed scene the Palestinians are clearly not too concerned by any threat. Some smile, others make victory signs.

How many underage children can you count in the photograph that the Independent chose to illustrate both the article and the Facebook link?

Learn to LIVEThen glance upwards to the Independent LEARN to LIVE WAR child campaign photograph.

The report notes that a funeral was held on Saturday for Faris Hafez al-Sarasawi, a 12-year-old boy killed during the protests. It also notes that 33 of those killed since March have been under the age of 18 years.

Clearly it is very difficult to be a child in a war zone, although in Gaza the war zone is essentially only in the immediate vicinity of the border with Israel. It is even more difficult if the local authorities encourage them to join the invasion euphemistically labelled Great March of Return.

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