Send Chomsky to Nome

When you squint at the Five in the Star icon you should see Noam Chomsky†. That’s the way I like him so far away I have to squint to see him.

The latest non-story is that he has been banned entry to Israel/Palestinian Authority/crossing the Allenby Bridge. Given that every report mentions that the Israeli authorities are reviewing the case. Expect him to be in and agitating on behalf of the Destroy Israel Lobby in a day or two.

Actually I feel sympathetic to the low-level border official who rejected him. He must have been given instructions on how to recognise foreign agitators and prevent them from entering and couldn’t see how Chomsky is any different. I’m not sure that, other than his celebrity status, I can see the difference myself.

At best, Chomsky gives moral support to Israel’s enemies. At worst, he actively assists in the war of Public Diplomacy against us.
Begs the question on why Israel is obliged to protect the freedom-of-speech of someone who is not a citizen, a resident or someone with a vested interest, doesn’t it?

† Some see Woody Allen when they squint at the icon. Another ‘Jewish’ icon of limited integrity. Read Noam Chomsky and Israel by Benjamin Kerstein

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