Send Steve back to the Scumbags

05 August 2012

Internet memes – the new fauxtography

Have you seen Scumbag Steve?  The kid with a sideways fitted cap and fur-lined coat? The overlaid text generally centers around his supposed behavior regarding drugs, partying, and otherwise having a good, irresponsible time. He’s not someone who Five Minutes for Israel would normally bother with.

Not until the Destroy Israel Lobby adopted him and he suddenly became the poster child for evil Zionism.

A new low in Palestinian visual propaganda. We’re used to fake shots, posed shot, false labels and photoshopping coming from the Israel haters. But Scumbag Steve!?!

Here’s a message to all the creeps threatening him with violence. This is a picture of a rapper. There are dozens of pictures of him on the Internet with any number of additional text additions. His interests are partying, dope and booze. In his most intoxicated state he wouldn’t even vomit over supporters of Palestine.

If you see the original Israel Hater’s version† (below) I suggest you reply with my version. TWO CAN PLAY AT THIS GAME! You can freely borrow it from this site. Clicking on either picture will lead to a larger version.

On Facebook comments and the like it is probably easier just to post this link Some forums and message boards prefer [IMG][/IMG].

Scumbag Steve Palestine supporters' version

Palestine supporters’ version (with some improvements)

Scumbag Steve Israel's capital

Steve joins the fight for Jerusalem – Israel’s capital

† I’ve improved it a little because I wouldn’t want to have it distributed, as is, even by accident.

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