Set-up, stoned and skittled

Stone throwing accident

Set-up, stoned and skittled

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Something is spinning and it’s not just the boy on the roof

It’s dramatic and bound to be all over the Internet before I finish publishing this.  Real-time footage of vehicle accidents always does.

Boys throw stones at a car which swerves in an attempts to avoid them, and hits two (or if you are a member of the Destroy Israel Lobby deliberately knocks two of them down). It’s tragic even if somewhat miraculously both escape serious injury – from the accident and from the amateur and dangerous methods used to load them in a car for hospital.

We would incline to the first view. We see a driver desperately blasting on his horn to warn the boys who run directly into his path. We see him stop but drive off when the crowd continues with the stone throwing.

So what happened? Some reports, for example, the BBC emphasize that the driver was a settlement leader†. They focus on the injuries to the boys and the history of clashes in the area. We at Five Minutes for Israel would phrase it differently. Photo opportunity goes terribly wrong

How many photographers do you see in the video?

We count five, possibly six and at least one camera crew. Sounds familiar? This wasn’t an accident waiting to happen but the international media, or at least their Palestinian stringers, waiting for an accident. The footage was possibly not what they expected but certainly what they wanted in a if it bleeds – it leads media world. These were children involved in dangerous criminal acts and yet no one thought to dissuade them because the photo opportunity was too good.

I suppose I should end with a message of peace but I can’t. My thoughts return to miluim (reserve duty) in Gaza when our watch tower was stoned every day by stone throwers coming home from school. I thought at the end of the months we go home but the Palestinians have to live with the violent little bastards – they have it coming to them.

The next step‡ should be for the driver to sue the media companies for contributing to this accident. That would be an interesting court case.

Settler Leader Drives into Palestinian Children Reena Ninan, Fox News
Pictured: The moment an Israeli motorist runs down a Palestinian boy in East Jerusalem
Daily Mail
Car mows down boy in Israel Rhodri Phillips, The Sun
Sticks and stones MSN Photoblog

† Regrettably so does the Jerusalem Post and Fox News.
‡ The channel 10 report concluded with one of the boys claiming he wasn’t throwing stones at all; just innocently on the way home. If I can find a clip I’ll link to it.

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