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Action ItemsWhat would Ireland do if attacked as Israel is daily?What would your country do?

One constant charge against Israel is that it is excused behaviour that no other country is allowed. The opposite is true.

It took just one act of terrorism for the United States to invade Afghanistan and topple the government. The UK†, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Denmark, Poland, Australia, Spain, Georgia, Netherlands, Romania, Turkey, New Zealand, Norway, Estonia, Hungary, Sweden, Czech Republic, Latvia, Slovakia, Finland, Jordan, Portugal, South Korea, Albania, Belgium, Lithuania, Montenegro all joined this war without a single rocket or even bullet aimed in their direction. Israel is been showered with tens of missiles from an enemy with an armament of thousands.

The United Kingdom sailed around the world so far away that any further and they would be on their way back to defend British territory in the Falklands./ Malvinas. Even the late Margaret Thatcher admitted the islands were of no strategic or economic importance. The war was about the principle of defending what the British claimed as theirs. Gaza and Sderot are a only two hour bus ride from my home in Rehovot in central Israel.

They call Sderot the Rocket Capital of the World

Action Items:

Please share this video widely. If Israel needs to counter Gaza attacks with force the world needs to know why.

Five Minutes for Israel has created the following graphic to illustrate that far from behaving recklessly, impetuously or without proper cause Israel has shown restraint but that restraint can’t last.

I will be happy to create country specific versions – you only have to ask. Languages other than English please send correct translations and if possible a representative (and if possible) copyright-free/royalties-free iconic image to illustrate your country.

Click for higher resolution images.

†Listed in order of the largest numbers of casualties

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