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Near 905-in-a-star NEARComplain to near 90.3fm Community Radio

Community radio always has problems filling dead air but that’s no excuse for allowing it to become a propaganda mouthpiece for the Palestinians without a balancing opinion. Follow the complaint form instructions and tell this Dublin-based radio station that they are obliged to follow their own guidelines.

Formal complaints may be made if a Member of the Community is of the opinion that
Near fm has breached one of its obligations under the Broadcasting Act 2009. These
obligations are:

  • To ensure that all news programming is objective and impartial.
  • To ensure that current affairs programming is objective and impartial and that the subject matter and all interests concerned are treated fairly. Fairness, objectivity and impartiality may be achieved over a number of related broadcasts.
  • To ensure that our programming does not contain content which may be reasonably considered as causing harm or offence, tending to promote or incite crime, tends to unreasonably encroach upon the privacy of an individual.


This concerns the broadcast International Politics 26 March 2013  Specifically Gaza – What next? Chris Andrews, Zoe Lawlor & Col Dermot Travers and Apartheid Israel – Ronit Lentin Trinity. False and totally without balance. Formal complaints must be made 30 days after the date of the broadcast.

That means we have two more days! Get cracking. 

Action items

  • Please complain on the grounds that the broadcast was not impartial and also on the grounds that interests concerned were not treated fairly. Please request an apology and ask that some equal time is given to hear Israel’s point of view as there are two sides to this conflict.
  • Complaints must provide specific contact details and be substantive. Details should include the category of complaint, date and time of broadcast, name of programme, news item or commercial communication which is the subject of your complaint. Near fm will not entertain anonymous complaints.
  • All complaints must be lodged formally to the Station Manager (including full postal address) to
  • Or by post to:Station Manager
    Northside Civic Centre
    Bunratty Road
    Dublin 17


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