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Have you ever been frustrated by the comment moderation in online media? You have busted your head to write a pithy† response to a misleading piece of  Destroy Israel Lobby propaganda, especially in a comment; filled in all the fields; added the number code to prove you’re not a robot; previewed; removed the piece of HTML code that that was rejected; submitted and then …

Thank you for sending your comment.
Your response has been recieved.
If selected for publication, it will appear on our site as soon as possible.
The South-Hicksville-Post.com Team

If you contribute to the BBC  ‘don’t Have Your Say’ that may be the end of it, either rejected or placed in limbo with 5,000 others. With most other publications, especially the smaller ones we target, it’s just frustrating.

So what do you think about sponsored comments? That is, paying to ensure your place in the queue. Could this be something Israel Advocates could do for the team: adopt an online media publication; follow it and make it your project to reply to comments attacking Israel?

It’s our goal to ensure at least ten of the first fifteen comments are on our side.
Are Sponsored Comments a better way?

Great Australian novelist Xavier Herbert was, I believe, a great Letter to the Editor writer. This quote, if memory serves, is attributed to him. “They like me in the letters because I’m always pithy. I’m always pissing on someone”.

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