Event: Squaring the Circle?

Event: Squaring the Circle?
Britain and the De-legitimisation of Israel

Just Journalism Panel Discussion

If I was in London next week, assuming the snow clears up,  this vital discussion is where I would go.

Date: 13th December 2010
Time: 7.00pm – 8.30pm
Venue: Central London (precise venue to be announced closer to the event)†

Panellists: Ambassador Ron Prosor,  Baroness Ruth Deech, Stephen Pollard (Chair), Daniel Finkelstein OBE, Nick Cohen, Rafael L. Bardají

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As my chances of reaching London are about as slim as the BBC casting doubt on Man Made Global Warming, oops I meant to say ‘Climate Change’ I will be attending Honest Reporting Reclaiming the Narrative Fact & Fiction on December 14th in Jerusalem. Hope to see you there.

† When I know, you will know or check the Just Journalism website.

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