Starbucks f’s up

Where for art thou, O Starbucks?

16 October 2011

Starbucks: I won’t take a low-fat vanilla latte with that

The Starbucks Company prides itself on social responsibility so I’m sure that when a million customers point out that the website graphics supposedly showing how the Palestinians have been robbed of their land is materially false, manipulative, missing substantial information, one-sided propaganda they will immediately remove it.

Starbucks have been falsely charged with being a Zionist front (for me that would be a badge of honour) in the past. They had at one stage an Israel branch. Their CEO claims to be a proud Zionist. This has to be a mistake.

Starbucks pushes Palestinian Revisionism

Click for larger image

A thorough fisking of the graphic will follow shortly. I’m sure you will find plenty of cause to complain without it.

Hat tip: The amazing Elder of Ziyon.

Action item: Contact Starbucks and demand this obnoxious piece of propaganda be removed.

I don’t really have a problem with swearing. I just don’t want the word that rhymes with bucks appearing on search engines.

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