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We have long seen the Destroy Israel Lobby has appropriating the language. Now we see it has taken the dictionary – Urban Dictionary to be precise.

The Internet has always been a medium for anarchic exchange of information with little or no standards for accuracy or neutrality and the battles to keep the antisemites and Israel haters out of Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia, etc.  are well known.  The latest battleground is the Urban Dictionary.

Urban dictionary defines Zionist

Zionist defined or is it libelled?

If one searches in the Urban Dictionary for Zionist or Zionism one comes across definitions to make any Israel hater proud. I’ve included a screen grab (Click it for a full size picture). The box below is the first definition.

An extremely racist belief that Jews deserve to take over the Palestinian’s land with the backing of the U.S. military. Zionists use the history of persecution against Jews to rationalize this blatant breach of human rights, and then Israelis go on to murder thousands of Palestinians each year with the pretext that they have been attacked by terrorists. While it is true that some Palestinians attack Israelis, there are at least 4 fold more Palestinian than Israeli deaths each year.
Zionists are inherently racist.

Why this is important

The Urban Dictionary is a Web-based dictionary of slang words and phrases, which contained over 10.5 million definitions in December, 2010. The site receives approximately 15 million unique visitors per month, with 80% of users being younger than 25. Hearts and Minds!

The Destroy Israel Lobby has had spectacular success with appropriating language. It’s hard, even for someone who knows better, not to associate Occupied with Palestine and Apartheid with Israel. Phrases as Gaza is the world’s largest prison camp (then what is North Korea?) and Gaza is the most densely populated land in the world (not even close) have become clichés to be cut and pasted without thought.  We need to be challenging their control of language.

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Action Item:

  • Go to Urban Dictionary. Rate down the racism.(click on the thumbs down) Rate up the appropriate comments. (click on the thumbs up)
  • Write your own definition

Kudos to Faith Steinberg Meltzer for bringing this to my attention.

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  1. Rita says:

    Thanks for that!

    Went, saw, clicked “down” !!! This should be widely widely distributed. WORDS are sooo important. I subscribed for their daily word (I hope this won’t cause spam) and look forward to creating a few words myself over there, if that’s possible. My mind boggles already 😉

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