What Happened to the Supermarket Crisis in Gaza?

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Israel Haters wrong – again.

There is considerable discussion about whether the IDF Spokesperson’s Blog wrongly labelled a supermarket as in GAZA. Depending on which Israel Hater is sharing, the well-stocked with luxury and ordinary items supermarket is really in Hyderabad INDIA or in Kuala Lumpur MALAYSIA.

METRO SupermarketNip it in the bud and share. The supermarket in question is the Metro Supermarket, Gaza – Al Remal – Al Shuhadaa St. Some of the photographs are identical and obviously taken from the Gaza Today website.

The resolution of the photographs was too low to make out Israeli products with any certainty but the mango photograph seems to have Hebrew lettering.  What do you think?

Hebrew letters in Gaza

Does this look like Hebrew? BDS fail.

It is far from unusual to find Israeli goods in Gaza. in fact some say the largest concentration camp in the world is flooded with them.

Supermarkets in Gaza

If Metro Supermarket doesn’t have the Israeli product you want maybe one of these fine establishments can help.

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