Polls: why we want to swamp them all

Mahmoud al-Mabhouh

Blog post from Action Item – Vote: Israel must sometimes take extraordinary action

This is the first poll request as an Action Item. We believe that online polls are a very poor indicator of public opinion but it’s important to win them so they won’t be used against us.

For example, one 2003 European poll that claimed that Israel is Biggest Threat To World Peace.  It may well be, in the words of Rabbi Marvin Hier, that the poll “defies logic and is a racist flight of fancy”.  Dalia Dassa Kaye noted that the wording conflated the problem of Israel, Muslims, the Arabs and the Palestinians with the one word Israel. The issue then is not Israel per se but the problem of the Arab-Israeli conflict. In addition, why should some other polls show the Dutch as the most pro Israel of all EU nations yet this poll show Holland as leading the nations distrustful of Israel? Why wasn’t the problem of Islamic extremism raised at all?

In short, selective questions can lead to skewed results. We know this. We know that online polls from media organizations are self-selected to readers of that media. Who needs a poll to show Guardian readers overwhelmingly rate the most dangerous threat to the world today as the British Conservative Party – oh, and Israel?

At the same time if one can swamp polls with sensible, rational people† then there is no need to waste time attacking the methodology. Let the Destroy Israel Lobby attack the poll as biased when we win. It’s far more satisfying.

† OK. You knew I was flattering you. It is rational from so many angles to defend Israel. The Destroy Israel Lobby may include some sensible, rational opponents of Israel but the moonbats are all on their side.

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