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Thank you President Trump

Jerusalem – Israel’s capital Pity it took 70 years to do the right thing. Let’s hope others follow America’s lead. There are reports that Czechoslovakia and Hungary responded by publicly recognising Jerusalem as Israel’s capital but I have no formal … Continue reading

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Jerusalem Trumped

Trump: Giving Peace ‘A Shot’ The President of the United States could have worded his failure only just a little worse. He could have ‘taken a stab’ at peace negotiations before not moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem.

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1977 revisited

Gvirotai veRabotai – Mahapakh! Does anyone recall an election in a democracy which generated so many apocalyptic rants from the losers? I do. 1977’s Israel’s Mahapakh … and the more I think about it the more similarities I find.

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Red-flagging November 8th

Voting for Israel – a rough guide Like most of us, I guess, Five Minutes for Israel has been obsessing about the upcoming American Presidential election. I concede, something that partisans on both sides seem to find impossible, that there are … Continue reading

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Questions for the Candidates

Israel as an issue in US politics Just about everyone who is anyone spoke at AIPAC. Everyone except Bernie Sanders. The refusal to allow him a remote video speech did him such a favour that I wonder whether he didn’t … Continue reading

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None of the above

American elections through the microscope of Israel advocacy This is a Five Minutes for Israel blog post I never thought I would write. Has anybody, ever, seen U.S. presidential candidates as unsuitable for the position and as dangerous for Israel … Continue reading

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