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Jerusalem Trumped

Trump: Giving Peace ‘A Shot’ The President of the United States could have worded his failure only just a little worse. He could have ‘taken a stab’ at peace negotiations before not moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem.

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1977 revisited

Gvirotai veRabotai – Mahapakh! Does anyone recall an election in a democracy which generated so many apocalyptic rants from the losers? I do. 1977’s Israel’s Mahapakh … and the more I think about it the more similarities I find.

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Red-flagging November 8th

Voting for Israel – a rough guide Like most of us, I guess, Five Minutes for Israel has been obsessing about the upcoming American Presidential election. I concede, something that partisans on both sides seem to find impossible, that there are … Continue reading

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Questions for the Candidates

Israel as an issue in US politics Just about everyone who is anyone spoke at AIPAC. Everyone except Bernie Sanders. The refusal to allow him a remote video speech did him such a favour that I wonder whether he didn’t … Continue reading

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None of the above

American elections through the microscope of Israel advocacy This is a Five Minutes for Israel blog post I never thought I would write. Has anybody, ever, seen U.S. presidential candidates as unsuitable for the position and as dangerous for Israel … Continue reading

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