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Dry Boned


0savesSave BufferHelp combat willful rewriting of history and the spread of antisemitism Who’s the leader of the gang That’s made for you and me M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E This actually has nothing whatsoever to do with this post about the Dry Bones Project … Continue reading

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Dry Bones is looking for an intern


0savesSave BufferIs this you? Unfortunately I am too old and not smart enough to be a Dry Bones intern. I certainly would have jumped at the chance is I was. Yaakov Kirschen is the leading Israel advocate cartoonist of today … Continue reading

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Dry Bones – Islamists

Yaakov, You’re too creative Israel’s most famous cartoonist is posting faster than I can repost. Rather than have you miss out Five Minutes for Israel has posted one on the side (as usual) and one as a regular post. He … Continue reading

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Latest Dry Bones

Worth thinking about. Natanyahu’s UN speech will convince no one, but it will allow us, next year, to say “We told you so!” For whatever that’s worth.

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China Update

19 December 2011 Dry Bones† – Out of the box thinking We have often stated that the world doesn’t hate Israel. Most of it either doesn’t know we exist or doesn’t care as they have more immediate problems. Yaakov Kirschen, … Continue reading

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21 November 2011 Bad TWO or worse ONE are not the only solutions Generally Dry Bones iconic comics have pride of place in the right column on Five Minutes for Israel. When I’m short of ideas the changing comic (it’s not loaded automatically) … Continue reading

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