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Interpol: Do you recognise these people?

The faces in the sheet provided by Dubai’s Law Enforcement Services may have stolen the identity of peaceful Israeli citizens. Interpol warns they all might have arms – and legs. BEWARE! HAPPY PURIM

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I gave up my identity years ago?!

Here’s my contribution to this new genre – faked ID cards and documents. Your turn. Just remember don’t post anything with an identifiable number or code. If you do I will have to edit the post to obscure it.

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Aussie friends or Israeli family

Australian Prime Minister Kevein Rudd is shocked, stunned and outraged over the alleged use by Israel of Australian passports. What he is saying in effect is, if you can save tens or even hundreds of Israeli lives – an indirectly … Continue reading

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Vote: Israel must sometimes take extraordinary action

Los Angeles Times, February 18, 2010 | 10:29 am If Israel did assassinate a Hamas official in Dubai was it right to do so? Whether you believe the Dubai assassination was conducted by Israel or not; properly carried out or not; useful … Continue reading

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Much ado about Mahmoud

I must confess I don’t know how to handle the Dubai assassination story. Until it’s clear whether Israel did it or not all I can say is Israel is at war with Hamas and Hamas is at war with Israel … Continue reading

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