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The BBC is not convinced it is fake

12 September 2012 BBC sets the bar once again, lower In Rachel Corrie resources I pointed out that a well-known photograph of the late Ms. Corrie, a second  ISM activist who apparently miraculously escaped death, an IDF bulldozer and a house … Continue reading

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Rachel Corrie resources

29 August 2012 Photos can lie and liars do use photos After months in court, over 30 witnesses and 2000 pages of evidence all that would be said has been said. Those who don’t want to believe the evidence or … Continue reading

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Fauxtography 101

27 October 2011 Digging into the archives The death or injury of an innocent human being is dreadful whether caused by accident, carelessness or malevolence – whether by friend or foe. That still doesn’t justify taking archival images and presenting them … Continue reading

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