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Introducing France 24 Watch

Introduction to new project observing French media’s approach to Israel, antisemitism, etc. especially France 24. First effort Two Gazans die in tunnel. Continue reading

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FRANCE 24 – Sabra & Shatilla Revisited

France 24 missed Lebanon Lebanon has had no shortage of massacres in its brief modern history. Sabra and Shatilla was only one of them but the Jews were involved, however indirectly, so it is no surprise that France 24 focusses on it. They … Continue reading

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France 5 from 24

Comment font-ils? France 24 (pronounced France vingt-quatre [fʁɑ̃s vɛ̃ katʁ] on all French, English and Arabic editions) is an international news and current affairs television channel based in Paris. Its stated mission is to cover international current events from a French … Continue reading

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12/12 on France 24

Does France 24 jouer franc jeu†? Middle East: Israelis divided … … or so France 24 believes. France 24 broadcasts Middle East: Israelis divided over occupation of West Bank and allocates 59 seconds to pro settlement ‘Israelis’; 2 minutes and 15 seconds … Continue reading

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Je m’excuse France 24

20 November 2011 Obsessive Israel advocacy leads to hearing loss? I posted a criticism of France 24 for unilaterally recognising Palestine in France 24 desist svp. One criticism of my criticism is that I have become so obsessed in rooting out anti … Continue reading

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France 24 desist svp

12 November 2011 France 24 recognises Palestine France 24 advertises programs to viewers in the Middle East as Palestine Time. Not real states as Israel, Lebanon or Jordan†. Not even the Palestinian Authority. It has taken upon itself to pre-empt the United … Continue reading

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