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0savesSave Buffer Melanie Phillips in Jerusalem Honest Reporting have generously uploaded the entire video of Melanie Phillips‘s speech Western Jewry – Paying the Price for Gaza in Jerusalem on the 27th. Israel advocates who were unfortunate and didn’t hear her in … Continue reading

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0savesSave BufferFirst I wanted to be a cowboy – now I want to be a journalist A tweeted photograph by a Swedish journalist has received 40K retweets and remarkably little analysis. Is placing your helmet on a child for a … Continue reading

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BBC petition page – Now on Facebook


0savesSave BufferPetition update The Change BBC boilerplate on Gaza casualties to reflect disputed figures petition now has a Facebook page Petition the BBC. Action Items As always Like-Share-Comment

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… and the majority were not civilian


0savesSave BufferForce the BBC to fulfill their obligation for impartiality Sign-share-blog-tweet-discuss The petition is available on ipetitions.com. If clicking on the link or the ipetitions logo above does not suit your purpose paste http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/change-bbc-boilerplate-on-gaza-casualties-to into your browser. Aim of Petition … Continue reading

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From the BBC template


0savesSave BufferEven by BBC standards this is a messy cut-and-past job: If you follow the simple, clear and correct Israel closes Gaza’s Erez crossing link from the BBC Mid East and News homepages you will reach Gaza conflict: Erez crossing ‘attacked’ amid Israel raids. … Continue reading

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Something good might come …


0savesSave Buffer… from this? Imagine a game of football† where instead of a rule book of specific do’s and don’ts many of the rules were relative to the judgement of the competitors and subject to the judgement of 3rd parties … Continue reading

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Eating leather


0savesSave BufferLooking at the bigger picture The five-in-a-star for this post probably needs some explanation. I’ve been looking for some graphic analogy to explain Hamas mentality, when I thought of boxing. How many of you out there are boxing fans? If you … Continue reading

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BBC wipes Israel off the map


0savesSave BufferA course in map reading V The BBC has used variations of the following map (left) since the beginning of the war in Gaza: Operation Protective Edge†. Notice something missing? I’ll give you a clue. ISRAEL! Gaza is shown as … Continue reading

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7 things 2 consider


0savesSave Buffer A Response to Ali A. Rizvi At the risk of damning Ali Rizvi with faint praise I will say his 7 Things to Consider Before Choosing Sides in the Middle East is a heroic effort to stay neutral, in an emotion-raising conflict. … Continue reading

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FREE GAZA – from Hamas


0savesSave BufferGraphics to share Use and share these graphics freely. Free-Gaza-from-Hamas.zip contains these graphics in PNG and JPG format. This file may also be downloaded and shared.

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