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Question never asked


0savesSave BufferHamastan East If one has been following debates in international and national forums there is one question never seems to be raised. What will this government/international organisation/bunch of ratbags do if (I would say when) the Palestine State they … Continue reading

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Hamas on campus


0savesSave BufferHamas are coming… Hamas are coming… Too late… They’re here! My first direct experience with Israel advocacy came with the two-year, ultimately successful fight to keep the Palestine Liberation Organisation proxy, the General Union of Palestinian Students out of … Continue reading

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… and the majority were not civilian


0savesSave BufferForce the BBC to fulfill their obligation for impartiality Sign-share-blog-tweet-discuss The petition is available on ipetitions.com. If clicking on the link or the ipetitions logo above does not suit your purpose paste http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/change-bbc-boilerplate-on-gaza-casualties-to into your browser. Aim of Petition … Continue reading

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FREE GAZA – from Hamas


0savesSave BufferGraphics to share Use and share these graphics freely. Free-Gaza-from-Hamas.zip contains these graphics in PNG and JPG format. This file may also be downloaded and shared.

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Guide for the Hasbara Perplexed


0savesSave Buffer25 Short Answers to Tough Questions about Israel The enemies of Israel frequently use the language of human rights for the most inhuman of purposes. StandwithUs has produced a short, online pamphlet demolishing 25 of these claims masquerading as … Continue reading

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Do as you would be done


0savesSave BufferHezbollah video? No doubt you have all seen the video of an Israeli pin-point drone  strike on a car driven by two Hamas operatives. It’s all over the social media, often with a great deal of crowing from Israeli … Continue reading

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Omar wasn’t a terrorist but Ahmed was

29 November 2012 Will the BBC amend the story? In If I was a Hamas PR guru … I would take lessons from the BBC, 5MFI accused the BBC of shilling for Hamas exactly as their media section would have directed. Now … Continue reading

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