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Send Steve back to the Scumbags

05 August 2012 Internet memes – the new fauxtography Have you seen Scumbag Steve?  The kid with a sideways fitted cap and fur-lined coat? The overlaid text generally centers around his supposed behavior regarding drugs, partying, and otherwise having a good, … Continue reading

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One idiotic state(ment)

31 July 2012 Dangling conversation One must wonder if the Conversation has any criteria at all for accepting articles. If  A one-state solution is the only way forward for Israel and Palestine by Anthony Loewenstein 30 July 2012 is any example the claim of this … Continue reading

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Celebs and the rest of us

<<< Forbidden to advertise the Kotel, Action Item See the poster When Jerusalem was under Jordanian occupation 1948–1967 visiting the Kotel† was prohibited by the bayonets of Jordanian soldiers. The Advertising Standards Association (UK) seem to think they can forbid … Continue reading

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