Target Practise

Basiji sharpshooting

The Basij are an Iranian paramilitary volunteer militia answerable to and receiving their orders from the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and the Supreme Leader of Iran. They are engaged in activities such as internal security, enforcing state control over society, law enforcement auxiliary, providing social services, organising public religious ceremonies, policing morals, and suppression of dissident gatherings. Or in other words, extortion, suppression and torture S.O.P. in Iran.

Thousands of Basij are stationed in Syria. If war breaks out the IDF will meet them. As this photograph, which is becoming viral shows they shoot. Fortunately as the same photograph show, they don’t shoot very well.

Trump and Bibi targets

Targets featuring Benjamin Netanyahu and Donald Trump motivate them, we guess. Not the tightest grouping.

As a public service we have prepared a target which may motivate them more.

HT to Israellycool for bringing this photograph to our attention. We don’t normally link to Israel Haters but the whole set is available here if you are interested.

Extra credit

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