Ten things you should know about Tuesday’s events on the Israel / Lebanon border

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From Jonathan Sacerdoti, Director of Public Affairs at The Zionist Federation of Great Britain and Ireland

  1. Israeli forces pre warned the UN interim forces in Lebanon (UNIFIL) that they were going to carry out maintenance work on the Israeli side of the border with Lebanon, uprooting some trees (see photo).
  2. UNIFIL asked them to delay this by a few hours.
  3. The Lebanese army (not Hezbollah) pre-planned and executed a unprovoked sniper attack on Israeli troops in Israeli territory. They even briefed Lebanese media in advance so that they could film it all.†
  4. This attack was a gross violation of UN Security Council Resolution #1701.
  5. The Israeli Defence Forces returned fire.
  6. During the IDF response, requests came from senior Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) officials for a ceasefire, in order to evacuate the injured Lebanese soldiers. Israel agreed to a ceasefire, but a half hour afterwards, there were Rocket-propelled grenade shots fired towards an IDF tank (they missed their target).
  7. The tank fired shots in response, destroyed the launchers, and continued to fire towards an LAF position.
  8. Lieutenant Colonel Dov Harari, 45, who commanded the IDF force, was killed in the skirmish, and 30-year-old reservist Captain Ezra Lakia was seriously injured.
  9. News sources around the world once again failed to report this accurately, giving credence to the Lebanese lie that Israeli troops crossed the border.
  10. UNIFIL forces touring the site of Tuesday’s deadly border skirmish determined that Lebanese soldiers had no reason to open fire on troops performing routine activity.
The Lebanese attack was entirely in Israeli territory

The Lebanese attack was entirely in Israeli territory

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As always, Honest Reporting is compulsory reading. Special Alert Media Collusion in Lebanon Ambush

† Whether this attack was planned or spontaneous is still not clear. Would the Lebanese Army have the integrity to admit if a sniper or junior officer took the initiative to wage war against Israel? I doubt it.

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