Thank you President Trump

  • Jerusalem – Israel’s capital

Pity it took 70 years to do the right thing. Let’s hope others follow America’s lead. There are reports that Czechoslovakia and Hungary responded by publicly recognising Jerusalem as Israel’s capital but I have no formal confirmation. Russia recognised Jerusalem as Israel’s capital to deafening silence, six months ago although may have backtracked in response to Trump trumping them.

Out of interest I’ve collected as many cartoons as I could find on the subject of the embassy move/ recognition. Copyright, needles to say is in the hands of the holder. Comments are my own. Credit given where I find it. Order as I found the material.

For the record

My predictions are that the local photo opportunities will die down fairly quickly. The Times of Israel has already reported that thousands of protesters on the first day had become hundreds by the second. The Palestine Authority has for decades pocketed incentives to negotiate and backed away from doing so. This is a limb they want to down from. Otherwise it will be ‘business’ as usual attempting to leverage the courts and international organisations against Israel.

It is unlikely that the rest of the Arab world will rally behind the Palestinians. They have too many more pressing problems. Their support will be ‘moral’.

Of course, if Hezbollah, either at Iran’s order or through a miscalculation of Israel’s response, goes to war all bets are off. There is a good chance Hamas will open a second front and the Palestine Authority will incite engagement from their side while denying that they are doing so. That, however, has nothing to do with Trump’s welcome decision to move the American embassy.

Hopefully other nations will follow.

Extra Credit

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