That’s immoral ~ that’s Apartheid

That’s immoral ~ that’s Apartheid

That’s Apartheid lyrics

(sung to the tune of That’s Amore by Dean Martin 1953 (music: Harry Warren, words: Jack Brooks).

When they scream of your plight,
But they give you no rights,
That’s apartheid 

When from jobs they are banned,
Those who claim they lost land,
That’s apartheid

When all over the news,
Reports just condemn Jews,
That’s apartheid

When a woman’s stuck home,
‘Cause she can’t walk alone,
That’s apartheid

When all girls have big cuts,
Where a man has his nuts,
That’s apartheid

When they want Jews to die,
And there’s no reason why,
That’s apartheid

Call ’em refugees,
Never to be free,
Thought of less  than fleas,
Under the Arabs

From Gaza Jews are shelled,
Jews aren’t allowed to build,
Or the seller will be killed,
In Samaria 

When it’s not even news,
Kids are trained to kill Jews,
That’s apartheid

When you kill apostates,
And build nothing but hate,
That’s apartheid

Christians have to flee,
Or live in misery,
Yearning to breathe free,
Under Islam

But that’s nothing new,
Both for Christians and for Jews,
Who’s left are so few,
Under Islam

When heaven’s missing until,
Some non-Muslims are killed,
That’s apartheid

Parody by Harry Onickel 2011. Picture from soon to be published YouTube video.

Dean Martin ‘That’s amore’ (midi)

"When it's not even news, kids killing Jews, that's Apartheid"

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