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Tamimi incites children to violence

07 November 2012

More dubious photography on BBC website

When the BBC distributes a Pallywood photo opportunity, do they do this blindly or do they really not have a clue?

There must be a warm place in hell for parents who push their own children into confrontation with armed soldier for a Pallywood photo-op. Right next to the BBC editor who thinks nothing of publishing this piece of child abuse.

Israel court jails Palestinian activist Bassem Tamimi

There’s plenty to complain about with this BBC article, from the circumstances of Tamimi’s latest arrest to the gratuitous cut-and-paste illegal under international law, though Israel disputes this.boilerplate. This is unfortunately old news.

The new news is their use of a staged scene to illustrate the article. It shows a blond child in apparent confrontation with an Israeli soldier and is captioned Bassem Tamimi has helped organise protests in Nabi Saleh against land seizures by settlers Could this be ironic? Is the BBC admitting that Tamimi incites children to confrontations with soldiers in the hope of a photo-op? It’s not exactly surprising Bassem Tamimi is her father. Stealth edit to the caption on the way?

This particular child has become a Palestinian rock star for her ‘bravery’ despite videos of her mother (W.T.F.) encouraging her into situations that could lead to injury or worse. The video of  her mother essentially pushing her daughter into an Israeli soldier is a must see.


The BBC has a history of illustrating articles (see The BBC is not convinced it is fake) with dubious photographs, particularly against Israel,but how could supposed professional journalists and editors have missed the controversial origin of this one?

† Interesting but unconfirmed. The Tamimi are a sub clan of the Arabic tribe Banu Tamim. Their claimed family tree goes back to Abraham!. With the Muslim conquests of the 7th century they spread throughout the Muslim world from Morocco to Pakistan. As with so many notable ‘Palestinian’ families their origin is the conquest and occupation of a Byzantine province inhabited by Jews and Christians (genetically Hebrew). Indigenous who can tell you exactly when they arrived and who was commanding the army 🙂 Of course, one of Tamimi’s ancestors could have adopted the name without actually being related.

Some Tamimis. Their relationship to Bassem is unclear.
Ahlam Tamimi
was the terrorist, who helped plan the suicide bombing attack at the Sbarro restaurant, was released in the Gilad Schalit deal. She announced she would do it again.
Mustafa Tamimi died after being hit by a tear gas canister, during a violent demonstration against Israeli security forces, near the village of Nabi Salah.
Sheikh Tayseer Tamimi, chief Islamic judge in the Palestinian Authority, used the visit of the Pope to rant over Israel. The Pope left.

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