The Palestinians are upset

Palestinian ‘symbol of struggle’?
Palestinian ‘ambassador’ to Australia?

We can’t imagine why the New South Wales Police (Australia) might associate ‘Palestinian’ head scarfs with terrorism. Can you? </SARC>

There is just so much to object to in this Mail Online propaganda piece masquerading as news.

EXCLUSIVE: ‘Display of prejudice’: Police spark a diplomatic incident after using the Palestinian ‘symbol of struggle’ as a terrorist’s headscarf in mock attack on Sydney’s trains (Yes that is the headline!)

That’s iconic keffiyeh wearer Leila Khaled in the photograph, if you didn’t recognise her. She is credited as the first woman to hijack an airplane. She was later released in a prisoner exchange for civilian hostages kidnapped by her fellow PFLP members. After the 1969 hijacking she underwent six plastic surgery operations on her nose and chin to conceal her identity and allow her to take part in a future hijacking, and because she did not want to wear the face of an icon.

Let’s start with the false information

Palestine has no embassy in Australia. The Representative Office in Canberra is not listed as consulate or embassy by the Australian Government. It has no diplomatic status. Izzat Abdulhadi, head of delegation calls himself ambassador but that status is not recognised by the Australian Government.


The Arabs who now call themselves Palestinian falsely claim the keffiyeh as exclusively their own. That is effective political marketing but incorrect. The garment is worn throughout the Middle East including non-Arab Kurds and some nomadic Iranians. Even the region’s Jews, before being ethnic cleansed wore it, especially in Yemen.

Ironically the last and only Palestinian manufacturer, Herbawi Textile Factory, is struggling to compete with cheaper Chinese imports. Before opening in 1961 they imported from Syria. If not for their exports to the niche market of politically correct Westerners and a 35% import tariff they would have to close their doors.

In case you don’t recognise him the iconic, keffiyeh-wearing gentleman on the left is D.H. Lawrence AKA Lawrence of Arabia. He was born in Wales and wore the Bedouin regalia of the Hejaz now Saudi Arabia. Palestinians are Levantine Arabs with significant cultural and dialect differences to the Arabs from the Arabian Peninsula.

More to complain about

No doubt Australian Police will be more politically correct when staging a counter terrorist ‘struggle for self-determination and freedom’ exercise. Might I suggest alien space invader and offend no one?

Other than Abdulhadi, Hanan Dover is quoted for this story. She is quite a bit more than just the outspoken psychologist that she is labelled. She linked gays with thieves, murderers, liars, hypocrites, criminals at a public forum held at the University of Western Sydney in 2002.

Needless to say, (and it wasn’t said, of course) she refuses to accept that terrorism could have any Islamic basis and Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull was ‘bigoted, Islamophobic offensive moron’ for saying as much. Turnbull was speaking at a Christian Coptic gathering following a May attack that killed 28 Coptic Christians in Egypt. Presumably that was a dispute over football.

The Mail didn’t translate the sign that the keffiyeh-wearing woman carries, in the photograph that Dover thoughtfully provided. Perhaps ignorance is bliss. BTW ‘kul khara’ كل خرى means ‘eat shit’ in Arabic. I somehow doubt the Mail would have displayed the photograph had the expression been in English.

It seems to me that Ms. Dover has quite a bit in common with Linda Sarsour.

Yes, Ms. Dover, I think the police knew exactly what they were doing.

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