The UN gets it wrong – again

The UN gets it wrong – again

14 June 2011

5MFI blog: Eyeless and unemployed in Gaza

Chris Gunness from UNWRA claims the reason Gaza’s unemployment is among the highest in the world is the ‘blockade’. It is so easy to call this one as wrong. See the 5MFI blog for more details.

  1. Unemployment figures since 2003 so the rate to be 5% higher in 2003-4-5. That is before the blockade. It’s actually better now!
  2. Official Palestinian figures are 15% less than UNWRA’s! Which of these liars are you to believe?
  3. 8 reasons for high employment – nothing to do with the blockade.
    1. No work in Israel since the 1st Intifada
    2. No work in the Gulf since the 1st Gulf War
    3. Gazans destroy the infrastructure left after 2005
    4. HAMAS attacks the factories giving work to Gazans
    5. Civil war drove out the Fatah aligned entrepreneurs
    6. Gazans are used to living on welfare
    7. The Gazan population is rising so fast jobs can’t keep up
    8. HAMAS are terrible economic administrators

    Update: I forgot No. 9, which is probably number one. Gaza is at war with its largest, closest potential employer; market; supplier of raw materials, power and water; and port. That would make a mess of any economy.

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