Three New UK Petitions

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Three New UK Petitions

18 June 2011

Here’s your chance to conduct five minutes advocacy for Israel. Sign them online now.

1) BBC coverage of the Middle East

Call on UK Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt to launch an independent investigation into BBC coverage of the Middle East conflict. Start with an instruction to the BBC to release the Balen Report.

2) Exposing the true face of Hamas

We therefore demand of the BBC, that it discloses all relevant information about Hamas and its leaders’ opinion, and call upon to the British media to provide full and complete coverage of the Hamas movement.

3) Say NO to National Union of Students’ Support for Terror Group

It is unacceptable for the NUS to forge connections with the Islamic University of Gaza given their links to the terror group Hamas, a murderous group that has only served to undermine any chance of peace in the region.

Video from attached to petition #1



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